Corrupt Deep State Loses Appeal to Try the Bundys a Fifth Time


A Nevada judge stands by her decision to dismiss charges against the Bundys. Prosecutors from the Deep State asked the judge to reconsider her dismissal of the conspiracy case against Cliven Bundy, his two sons, and Ryan Payne.

The charges stemmed from their occupation of a remote federal outpost. They were protesting cattle grazing fees by the federal government and the unjust imprisonment of two members of the Hammond family. Much has been made of their being armed but everyone walks around with guns there.

Oregon Live reports

U.S. District Judge Gloria M. Navarro found prosecutors raised arguments she had already considered. She dismissed their contention that the dismissal of the case with prejudice was “unjust,” or that she should have ordered a less severe sanction for their failure to share evidence that could assist the defense as required by the 1963 landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Brady v. Maryland.

“The Court’s finding of outrageous government conduct was not in error,” Navarro wrote in her 11-page ruling. “On the contrary, a universal sense of justice was violated by the Government’s failure to provide evidence that is potentially exculpatory.”

The feckless Deep State couldn’t handle losing their case four times and wanted a fifth bite at the apple.

U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro dismissed charges against Bundy, his two sons and supporter Ryan Payne in January after finding federal prosecutors had lied to the court and hid exculpatory evidence that favored the defendants’ case. Navarro dismissed the case “with prejudice,” barring a retrial.


These prosecutors should be fired for what they did to these men.

Before Navarro ended the trial in a mistrial, about 3,000 pages of stifled evidence were turned over to the court.

The evidence included defendants’ requests for multiple federal assessments that showed the Bundy family was likely not violent. Prosecutors called the requests part of a “long list of frivolous and vexatious pleadings,” until a government witness, under cross-examination, revealed knowledge of the corruption and plan by the head of the operation to do whatever it took to “provoke a confrontation” with the Bundys.

The government also looks terrible in the killing of LaVoy Finicum. Read about it here, it’s shocking.

There should be a law against retrying people, again and again, to bankrupt them emotionally and financially.

Prosecutors said it had serious ramifications. If true, they should have tried these people in good faith. They wanted to try them a fifth time after the juries said they were not guilty. Deep Staters need to stop wasting taxpayer money.


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