Corrupt Dems Are Calling Closed-Door Interviews ‘Depositions’


The media isn’t bothered by the fact that the Democrats changed the rules for impeachment on the day the ‘whistleblower’ filed his complaint. They changed the rules so instead of the full House deciding on impeachment, a small Democrat-led committee would decide.

They now characterize the impeachment [and Trump Derangement Syndrome] as a grand jury, which it is not.

The Dems have now shifted the closed-door interviews to depositions. They did it in order to limit the questioning to one attorney per round.

Also, if the Democrat-controlled committees issue subpoenas, it changes things from a transcribed interview to a deposition. By doing so, they don’t have to release transcripts of the depositions/interviews conducted in secret.

They can keep leaking only that which they see helps their case.

Apparently, Democrats believe the President has to prove his innocence. How Stalin-like.

The President’s job approval numbers are at 49% today according to Rasmussen.


One of our readers, Robert Laity posted a clip explaining ‘depositions’ here:



  1. Yes, Comrades Schiff and Pelosi. We see the new rule of law emerging in front of our eyes. Justice for thee, but not for me if I don’t adopt your worldview.

  2. How about a republican lawsuit? How about Mitch speak up? How about Burr use his intelligence committee to counter this effort? How about Graham use his judiciary committee to counter this effort? No wait I forgot, they are on the other side.

    Never before has a party sat idly by and watched as the president of their party is constantly attacked and a dirty coup is attempted. Mitch, Burr, Graham as just as despicable as the democrats.

    • That’s impressive, I understood the article to some degree, and my dictionary helped with the word.

      We don’t know what other schemes they are planning. In this environment, with Trump’s own party and the DOJ not assisting him, the anti-Trump forces act unchecked, which is a green light for further abuses.

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