Corrupt Green New Deal bills will pass by stealth state by state


AOC and her idiotic comments are the shiny objects distracting Americans from what is actually going on and what just happened in New Mexico.

Stealth Green New Deals are being slipped into bills in red and purple states despite the wishes of the people.

AOC, the distraction

Daniel Turner, executive director of Power The Future, a national nonprofit group that advocates for U.S. energy jobs, warned we are being distracted by the antics of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

The eco-groups are working covertly and just succeeded in New Mexico in implementing their Green New Deal. The same can happen in every state.

The eco-extremists get friendly with left-leaning state legislators and governors, most of whom they financially backed in the past election, to do their dirty work,” he said.

While everyone’s watching AOC, no one is reporting about the bad laws passed in secret.

Turner called the New Mexico law “destructive,” saying that it is “essentially a hidden carbon tax and will threaten the jobs of thousands of energy workers, raise utility rates, cut state revenue, and make green energy companies rich at the taxpayers’ expense.”


These groups rebranded ‘carbon tax’ as ‘renewable energy mandates’ and the goal is to end fossil fuels. The electricity rates will double to start as they did in California.

Turner said he assisted the Associated Press going through the Energy Transition Act and what they found was disturbing.

Emails revealed the state’s energy secretary, Sarah Cottrell Propst, encouraged multiple eco-groups to review the bill’s language as it was being written. In one instance, she allowed the group who employed her just months before, a renewable energy trade group called Interwest, to influence the bill.

Interwest makes money from renewable energy companies, the very companies now guaranteed to control the state’s energy industry by the bill they themselves wrote.

Turner’s organization believes green groups don’t care about the earth, the environment, or even climate change.  They care about power.  And that is the case in New Mexico.  Under the guise of fighting “for the earth”, they passed a law guaranteeing income for green energy companies.

People support renewable energy as long as it competes fairly on the free market and needs are met. That isn’t what is happening and the elites will get very rich as the people grow poorer.

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