Corrupt Mueller Probers – Again – Leak Request for Trump’s Finances Ten Years Ago-Update, Fake News


Update: 2:50: This following report is 100% fake news. No subpoenas have been issued or received. It was a media fake news report. You can believe nothing from the media.

Robert Mueller and his tainted investigators are pursuing President Trump’s personal finances from a decade or more ago. We actually knew about this months ago. The repeat leak was carefully timed and has started up the Russia conspiracy theorists again.

What was supposed to be an investigation about Russia-Trump collusion and Russian interference in the 2016 election morphed into a fake obstruction of justice case. It is now transforming into a case of Trump’s finances ten to twenty years ago and the far-fetched relationship of those ties to obstruction.

It will also involve Jared Kushner and his family’s real estate activities in all likelihood.

The left is now saying that Trump was so cagey he planned 2016 collusion ten years ago when his family was in Russia considering investment in Russian real estate.

This is a witch hunt, a fishing expedition, in search of a crime.

If the government wants to get you, they will find a way. This is the deep state continuing a witch hunt to overturn the 2016 election.

In another leak, the second time this has been leaked, we found out Tuesday that special prosecutor Mueller issued a subpoena for the Deutsch Bank to submit documents related to its links with Trump and his family, a source told Bloomberg News. They want to know about his bank dealings with the President of Deutsche Bank.

Trump owes the lender about $300 million for real estate loans.

Bloomberg describes this as a Russia investigation widening. This is far more than a widening. The FBI now wants to see if Trump real estate dealings with Russia reach into the present day allegedly. That’s really reaching.

For months, Deustsche didn’t cooperate but they now say they are ready to cooperate. They really have no choice.

This has nothing to do with the election of 2016 and any possible collusion. They couldn’t find that.

Trump has said he doesn’t “have buildings in Russia”, hasn’t “made money in Russia”, and hasn’t done a deal in Russia. President Trump also said that if Mueller goes outside his parameters into his personal finances, that would be a bridge too far. Mueller just has.

The FBI alternative DoJ under Mueller is looking to discredit Trump. They must do that before they overturn his presidency.

This leak is meant to disrupt the tax reform and hurt Trump as news of the FBI corruption becomes apparent. It is also the day Trump announced he will recognize Jerusalem as the Israel capital.

The corrupt deep state has done this before. They tried to destroy George Bush via the Valerie Plame investigation. They put Bush’s attorney Scooter Libby in jail for lying to the FBI. They couldn’t get Scooter for leaking Plame’s name because Richard Armitage did it so they got him for lying.

The same thing has happened to Lt. Gen. Flynn who served as secretary for 24 days. Flynn had no intention of colluding, he had no intent, but he was indicted anyway by the same people who refused to indict Hillary for not having intent though she actually committed a crime.

Armitage was ordered to remain silent and the same thing was done here. This is why all of Hillary’s people were given immunity.

The FBI is trying to create a process crime against Donald Trump because there is no crime. From day one, it has only been intended to sway public opinion.

This is how corrupt our government is right now.





  1. Manafort was denied release from house arrest because:

    “Even if the ghostwritten op-ed were entirely accurate, fair, and balanced, it would be a violation of this Court’s November 8 Order if it had been published,” the prosecutors wrote in a court filing.
    “The editorial clearly was undertaken to influence the public’s opinion of defendant Manafort, or else there would be no reason to seek its publication (much less for Manafort and his long-time associate to ghostwrite it in another’s name).”
    Prosecutors: Manafort recently collaborated with Kremlin-tied operative

    So, it just fine that Mueller’s team can leak like a damn sieve but let’s not allow the defendant to gain favor in the public’s eye. It looks like Mueller and his team would have been VERY comfortable in the Old Soviet Empire.

  2. This morning CNN and MSNBC were licking their chops over this FAKE NEWS subpoena of Trump’s bank records, so far I have not seen them mention anything about Mueller and his bias team of idiots, they Know this don’t look good for the BS Trump/ Russian collusion, all they talk about is Flynn having the dirt on Trump the longer this goes on, the better trump looks, total witch hunt.

  3. The biggest crime involved in this whole debacle is Mueller’s waste of almost seven million dollars resulting in one guilty plea by Gen. Flynn for lying to the FBI about something which isn’t a crime to start with. Mueller is trying to cover his actions in the Uranium One disaster when he was the Director of the FBI and knew that there were numerous crimes being committed but failing to report it since it might have prevented the millions of dollars from finding their way to the Clinton Foundation aka Clinton’s slush fund.

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