Corruption! “Abnormal” Clinton FOIA Process Tied to IRS Scandal


Two attorneys, who made “abnormal changes” to the Freedom of Information Act [FOIA] process to seemingly protect Hillary Clinton were also involved in the Tea Party targeting scandal. This is according to documents released by the FBI last year and now placed in the FBI Vault.

The attorneys and others involved did not have the right to corrupt the FOIA process but it was and still is going on. Obviously, it is being done to keep the public uninformed.

Briefly, it seems that in December, 2014, the House Select Committee on Benghazi was attempting to secure related documents at Hillary Clinton’s office. Two attorneys, whose names were redacted on FBI documents, were involved in the Benghazi FOIA review process and made “abnormal changes” to the process to presumably protect Clinton. These attorneys also were involved in the IRS targeting of Tea Party groups.

The documents from the FBI vault show massive corruption regarding Hillarys secretary of state emails.

In addition to the FOIA process being uniquely changed, boxes disappeared and the notorious 7th floor of the State Department as well as DoJ were involved in the process.

An early cover up

First, there was a FOIA request for Hillary’s emails. The request was made December, 2014. That was before the revelations about Hillary’s illegal private server. To remind everyone, she illegally used the server to conduct official and classified communications as secretary of state.

The FBI document, section 4, which we have copied below, appears to show that the FOIA requests were suspiciously dealt with by the two attorneys. The document further says that these lawyers also were involved in the Lois Lerner IRS scandal.

As a reminder, the IRS scandal involved a department of the agency headed by Lois Lerner. She targeted anti-Obama tea party groups through tax audits and rejections of applications for tax-free status. In addition, the scandal also involved the refusal to produce documents to Congress relevant to the case.

This FBI vault document implies that someone in the FBI was very suspicious of this connection with these attorneys early on. It could indicate a cover up of Hillary’s emails as early as 2014.

The documents can be found at

Copies of the documents

A reddit user calling himself SteadyDividends posted this important piece of information about the FBI vault release of documents surrounding Hillary Clinton, Benghazi, and her private server.

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