Corruption Inc! Nelson Sues to Violate the Law on Late Ballots & Mail-Ins


Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) is again suing the state of Florida over its election laws this week — after the fact. There is no rule of law for Democrats. He wants two laws overturned by a potentially activist judge. It’s not a judge’s job to legislate.

By now, you have heard that Hillary’s Democrat lawyer Marc Elias is in Florida “to win” the elections for senator and governor, as he said publicly. Elias has a good record at winning in the sleaziest manner possible. His latest gambit is to convince a judge to violate the law and count votes coming in after the legal time limit. He also wants a law on mail-in ballots overturned.

Hillary’s Fusion GPS lawyer is actually arguing that ballots received after the Nov. 6 deadline should be counted in spite of Florida law.

Similar lawsuits in Georgia are meant to force a runoff so the commie Abrams can have a second bite at the apple.

Nelson’s team is arguing that the law with time limits should be overruled. He wants the judge to legislate in other words.

“There is no reason why voters in Miami or Palm Beach or the panhandle or other state in the country shouldn’t have their ballots counted,” Nelson lawyer Marc Elias told reporters in a conference call Monday.

Why have any laws then? Let them keep voting for months until Elias wins and Nelson sits in Congress once again.

Last week, Nelson sued to throw out a law that protects the legitimacy of mail-in ballots. The law requires the signature on file with the state to match that on the mail-in ballot. Imagine what it means to oppose that law.

A judge has asked both sides to provide further evidence on the signature lawsuit. He’s reportedly a left-wing judge, and probably not fair. We’ll see.

Nelson still trails Gov. Rick Scott (R-FL) in the overall tally by about 12,552 votes. A machine recount is currently underway in the Sunshine State.

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