Corruption, Lies, Abusive Behavior But We Might Be Talking About the DOJ


Loretta Lynch

Has the DOJ become so politicized and so corrupted that they are lying about the city council of Ferguson and the deal they allegedly made with them?

Our government is corrupt but if the DOJ is also corrupted, what can we count on?

The U.S. Justice Department is suing Ferguson, Missouri after the city council rejected the agreement to reform the police department.

The DOJ claims that a lengthy federal investigation turned up an alleged pattern and practice of unconstitutional police misconduct. When the city turned down the agreement, the Attorney General immediately sued them for not abiding by it.

In an interview with NPR, Ferguson’s mayor said there never was an agreement. They voted to approve it with several provisions to protect them from bankruptcy.

The DOJ is accused of lying.

“Let me be clear about this. There was no agreement. The only agreement is we would take it before the people and council for consideration. Now, the department of justice asked us to sign an agreement before we took it public and we refused,” the Ferguson mayor said.


The DOJ lawsuit came one day after the Ferguson City Council voted to change a PROPOSED consent decree to reform the police and courts. The council said the package, which had been negotiated between the DOJ and city officials, cost too much.

Lynch said, “There is no price for constitutional policing.”

The city is trying to stay out of bankruptcy.

Ferguson’s accountants calculated that the cost to the city would be up to $3.7 million for the first year alone and between $1.8 and $3 million for each year afterward. At the meeting on Tuesday, critics of the settlement pointed out that the city’s budget is only $14.5 million and is already suffering from a $2.8 million deficit, largely due to legal fees, loss of tax revenue and paying police overtime during the protests.

This entire Ferguson episode has been corrupt from day one. It was based on fraud and lies. Criminals attacked police and burned down stores. They were given the okay to do exactly that. Is it a stretch to believe the mayor over the Department of Justice?

The current relationship between the federal government and states is radically different than what the Constitution allows and what the Founding Fathers intended and they never intended for local police to be controlled by the federal government. Using civil rights as an excuse doesn’t change the facts of what they are trying to do. The Michael Brown case on which this is based was a fraud and they’ve been using it to get out the vote ever since..

This is what prompted the lawsuit.

Lynch said she “intends to aggressively prosecute this case,and we intend to prevail.”

These are Loretta Lynch’s remarks:

  • The woman in the photo about this the article is the head of the corruption! She’s the one that does all the “arm twisting” to get what she wants ten makes it look like it was the other person’s idea! She has a lot of influence over the President; she’ll be pushing for him to appoint a new Justise.