Corsi Accuses Robert Mueller of Withholding Exculpatory Evidence


Jerome Corsi spoke to The Daily News Foundation and accused Robert Mueller’s team of withholding exculpatory evidence from the grand jury when they indicted him.

Actually, if true, that’s ruthless but legal. Grand juries are wholly unAmerican in that the only ones they hear from are the prosecutors and the only evidence they get is what prosecutors give them. That’s why you can indict a ham sandwich.

Still, Chuck Ross at Daily Caller writes that the DOJ does have a policy that “when a prosecutor conducting a grand jury inquiry is personally aware of substantial evidence that directly negates the guilt of a subject of the investigation, the prosecutor must present or otherwise disclose such evidence to the grand jury before seeking an indictment against such a person.”

“While a failure to follow the Department’s policy should not result in dismissal of an indictment, appellate courts may refer violations of the policy to the Office of Professional Responsibility for review.”


The alleged exculpatory evidence comes in the form of tweets.

Mueller suspects Corsi and his friend Roger Stone are backchannels to the allegedly Russia-tied hacker/leaker Julian Assange. Mueller presented tweets between Corsi and Trump ally Roger Stone to the grand jury that raise suspicions. However there were other tweets in their possession they ignored. Corsi says they are exculpatory.

One email references a promise Assange made to release Clinton emails during a presser in 2016. Assange released nothing and Corsi sent a text message to Stone expressing his disappointment.

“Assange made a fool of himself,” Corsi wrote to Stone on Oct. 4, 2016.

“Has nothing or he would have released it. Total BS hype.”

Stone, who provided the text to TheDCNF, said it provides further evidence that Corsi did not have an actual link to WikiLeaks.

The special counsel seems to believe Corsi and Stone were conduits to Assange who they say is a backchannel to Russian hackers.


Stone claims that a left-wing comedian/talk show host named Randy Credico was providing him with vague updates about WikiLeaks’ plans to release anti-Clinton information.

“Julian Assange has kryptonite on Hillary,” Credico texted to Stone on Aug. 27, 2016.

“Hillary’s campaign will die this week,” he wrote on Oct. 1, 2016.

Credico suggested in some text messages that his WikiLeaks contact was a lawyer for the group who he called one of his best friends.

“If Assange has the goods on Hillary, he ought just to drop the goods,” Corsi tweeted on Oct. 2, 2016, after Assange announced a planned press conference. “Otherwise, he’s going to make a fool of himself.”

“So Assange made a fool of Himself,” Corsi tweeted two days later, after Assange failed to release any information on Clinton. “Had zero, or he would have released it. Will take grassroots on Internet to get truth out & beat Hillary.”

Prosecutors didn’t believe Corsi and Stone and Corsi believes Mueller held back those emails to get the desired result from the grand jury.

He has a new book titled, Silent No More, in which he gives his 1st person account of the 40 hour “inquisition” he underwent with Mueller’s team. Corsi said he will file criminal complaints with Acting AG Whitaker against the DOJ and Mueller.

The right-wing journalist said he won’t swear to a lie:

Branco cartoon via Net Right Daily

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5 years ago

I see where Sen. Hatch says he would be against any “unconstitutional” legislation because of separation of powers. But,,, then goes on to say that Mueller should be left alone to finish his investigation.
Well, as far as I’m concerned any damn Republican that supports Mueller’s investigation to continue now are worthless in their position.

5 years ago

To continue from Stasi. This country is gone and there’s no turning back. It is the beginning of the end.

History has taught us that great and powerful nations do not survive in the long term. Some have even expressed surprise that this nation has survived two hundred years, as stated decades ago. Others had concluded our Constitution has been the beacon that would allow such a country to survive where others have declined.

Even though that Constitution was the hallmark of creative thinkers and leaders of the time it was predicated upon good men of every generation to adhere to equality and justice. Can this be said in the modern times we are faced with. There isn’t just the perversion of cultural norms that would have repulsed the founders but the absolute perversion of justice at the very core of Government and throughout.

When a nation is no longer “governed” but “ruled” it cannot withstand the inevitable decline. The public will become more apathetic which will cause the “rulers” to become even more brazen. As the power becomes more an aphrodisiac nothing will be out of bounds. This type of character traits are self-destructive and as people are self-destructive so goes the nation.

I really do not see any recovery from the inevitable. There are simply not enough of the “good men of every generation” that can sustain or even change the course we are on. Mueller is thee one man who is front and center of that decline. He has been supported by “both” parties in an almost gleeful manner. His actions are as brazen as anyone could be and has had full support by the Justice Department and both halls of Congress. “Let him do his Job” is the mantra. Let him do his job until the Constitution, which was the binding document for all generations, has been torn from and separated from the people.

It was said, “All men are created equal”, which of course meant all “mankind” for those who are ignorant. But no longer is that the case. Rather, the “rulers” are beyond Constitutional ‘Justice’. They are able to maintain their status in the “New Order”. In order to be spared this dichotomy others will seek to be “part of” this new form of Justice, which will only further escalate the decline. As a result I see no hope in a future that a once great country can or will survive. We Are at the beginning of the end.

Albert Moore
Albert Moore
5 years ago

Corsi’s next book is “The Art of the Plea Deal”.

5 years ago

Mueller is exactly the caliber of person the Democrats admire: an ethics-free sociopath.

5 years ago
Reply to  MikeyParks