Cortez Says Her Errors Are “Clumsy” But She’s Rather Be “Morally Right”


Maduro-wannabe Alexandria Cortez told Anderson Cooper on Sunday that her [many] errors are “clumsy,” but Trump’s errors are lies. She doesn’t worry about such trivial things as trillion dollar math errors or being “precisely” right because she would rather be “morally right.”

Anderson Cooper asked her during a ’60 Minutes’ interview about her “fuzzy math.” Sympathetically, bordering on fawning, Cooper asked, “One of the criticisms of you is that your math is fuzzy.” That was a kind way to put it. He noted the Four Pinocchios The Washington Post gave her after one of her $21 trillion mistakes about Pentagon spending.


After all, a trillion here, a trillion there, pretty soon you’re talking a lot of money!

Her practiced response was unbelievably coy — really — incredibly. After saying in the way of dismissal, “Oh, my goodness.” She continued: “If people really want to blow up one figure here or one word there, I would argue they’re missing the forest for the trees [sic]. I think that there’s [sic] a lot [sic] people more concerned about being precisely [sic], factually and semantically correct than about being morally right.”

Well, thanks for straightening us out Cortez on the morality of ripping into the Pentagon with false statistics. We — not you — were blowing it up!

She agreed with Cooper that being “factually correct is important, BUT, “whenever I make a mistake, I say, ‘Okay, this was clumsy.’ And then I restate what my point was.”

Cortez is a marvel of manipulation and deceit. Her significant errors are “clumsy?” Straightening us all out, she confirmed it’s not like Trump lying about immigrants.

Right there she’s lying by calling illegal aliens, who make up much of her district, ‘IMMIGRANTS’ when they are not.

Her grandiosity notwithstanding, the woman probably believes she’s a pillar of morality as she talks about stealing all that people earn.

This is a woman who is trying to redefine the word, ‘radical’, to make it acceptable. She told Cooper that if wanting people to have healthcare is radical, then call her radical. But, wanting everything free at the expense of others is radical in the true, negative sense of the word. Anti-capitalism is radical. Saying otherwise is dangerous.

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