Cory Booker Appears to be Running on the Collusion Hoax


Gloriously inept Cory Booker has chosen his road to presidential success. He will run on Russia-Trump collusion, which was so recently rejected by even Robert Mueller after an exhaustive investigation.

Running on a socialist platform that includes social, economic, moral, and racial justice, collusion will serve as his point of comparison.

He spoke at a rally Saturday in Newark and said that from the White House to the Kremlin, “their” strategy is to divide.

“From 16000 Pennsylvania Avenue to the Kremlin, we know what their strategy is. It is to pit us against each other for their own gain, to make us suspicious of one another, to make us fear each other, dislike each other, to make us hate each other. That is how they win,” Mr. Booker told a crowd of thousands in Newark, New Jersey, The Washington Times reported.

Booker wants people to see him as the candidate of “love” and “moral justice” as he uses anti-Trump hate to make his point.

“Critics are going to tell you, tell all of us, that a campaign powered by grace and love and a deep faith in each other can’t beat that. But I say it is the only way we win,” said Pastor Booker, our moral arbiter.

Booker was a highly unsuccessful mayor of Newark. He did nothing for the city.


  1. I hope Comrade Booker brings out his imaginary friend T-Bone on the campaign trail.
    Spartacus has an extremely high powered intellect and he can think holes in a boiler plate!

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