Cory Booker’s Not Far-Left Enough to Be President


The Democrat [Socialist] Party is moving quickly to the far-left, fueled by the Bernie-types who use violence, community organizing, deceitful/staged Alinsky and fascist tactics to get what they want. Fear, identity politics, and lies rule the day. It is hurting some already fairly far-left Democrats who are more established.

Poor Cory Booker Isn’t Far-Left Enough

Booker hypocritically swore off corporate PAC donations in February.  He has gotten hysterical at committee hearings but that only made him look unhinged, not effective That would have worked under Barack Obama but no longer. We have all moved on.

The hard-left/anti-Capitalists have a foothold in the party and they are running with it.

Unfortunately for him, Booker has taken millions from Wall Street and the new Democrat [Socialist] Party is anti-Capitalist.

“He’s accepted millions from Wall Street and other corporate interests in the past,” Politico’s Matt Friedman wrote Tuesday, NTK Network reported. The Bernie Sanders Democrat Party will not allow anyone with those credentials to become a nominee.

Bernie Sanders Democrat Bertin Lefkovic warns [via NTK Network]:

The question, however, is whether Democratic primary voters will believe he is genuine about limiting his cash flow from Wall Street and Silicon Valley when his rise has been fueled by millions in contributions from those industries.

“I’d start by saying he’s basically as bought and paid for as anybody who’s run for elected office. He’s inextricably linked with the moneyed interests,” Bertin Lefkovic, a New Jersey liberal activist who was a state volunteer leader for Vermont independent Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign in 2016, said when asked how he would describe Booker to liberals not intimately familiar with his record.

“From my perspective, he really has very little to offer anybody who considers themselves a progressive,” Lefkovic said.

The hard left’s takeover of the party is nearly complete, and don’t kid yourself, Barack Obama is hard-left. The former president’s approach was to turn the country into a one-party state incrementally. But they see they are at the threshold of success and are forging ahead quickly now.

Gillibrand got the message

Anti-gun Kirsten Gillibrand once said she kept two rifles under her bed for protection. She did it to get elected in a mostly-red region of New York. However, after one conversation with Chuck Schumer, she was transformed. The fairweather politician also supported Bill and Hillary while they helped her campaign until they were no longer helpful.

The hack shapeshifting senator disavowed all donations from Wall Street recently. She is moving to the hard left, even calling for ICE to be abolished, to become president.

All the Democrats will move left

NY Times Suggests Dems Are Scared And Moving Further Left

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Jay Stump
Jay Stump
5 years ago

I read these articles about these idiots who call themselves democratic socialists. First off they are socialists. Secondly they worship Bernie Sanders who made over $1 million last year. That is what socialism is all about. All money is at the top and everyone else makes just enough to survive until it collapses. To all of you moron millenials because they are largely the ones driving this crap–Take a look at Venezuela. Is that really what you want? Socialism has failed over and over!