Cory Booker’s Seriously Embarrassing Ignorance


Nothing Cory says in the clip below is accurate. His statements are false and ignorant. He could have brushed up on gun laws before his town hall, but decided he can say anything he wants as long as it is according to the playbook.

Cory’s ignorant but dramatic talking points:

If you are convicted of beating your wife, you can find a loophole to buy a gun and “murder her,” he said. If you are convicted of a violent gun crime, there’s a loophole that lets you buy a gun. You can go to a gun show and buy weapons if you are on the terrorist no-fly list. If you commit a violent crime, you can buy a gun.

There is nothing controversial about representing corporate gun owners as NRA does, but Cory thinks it is and said it with high drama.

Cory still doesn’t understand the difference between a no-fly list (an unvetted list of about a million people) and a terrorist watch list (about 40,000 people). They have different purposes and Muslims are over-represented on the no-fly list. That’s not inclusive.

Republicans in 2016 did try to use the terrorist watch list to ban gun sales, but it allowed gun owners due process to contest the gun owner’s inclusion on the list. Democrats shot it down. Apparently, they preferred no gun sales ban over giving Americans due process rights.

You can buy a gun if a wife files a restraining order which requires no evidence, but you can’t beat her up and buy a gun. He is confused on that issue too.

If it sounds good to the audience, it’s fine. That’s our new standard.


You will be happy to know the presidential candidate believes in “radical love for all people.” And he would rather hang out with a nice Atheist than a mean Christian, he said. That’s how inclusive he is!

If you like your Social Security, you can keep your Social Security, and he wants to give it to people aged 50 even though it’s scheduled for bankruptcy in 2034.

A slanderous moment came when he claimed that President Trump is “complicit” in “white supremacist violence.” He was asked about Jussie Smollett and this is what he pivoted to.

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