COS John Kelly Told Omarosa She Committed “Some Serious Integrity Violations” UPDATES


Once-reviled, now media darling, Omarosa Manigault Newman violated White House protocol but did not violate the law, according to the latest updates Monday.

On the other hand, She is highly unethical, the White House press secretary has said. Chief of Staff Kelly gave her a chance to walk away with her dignity, but she paid them all back with secret recordings and vile ad hominem attacks.

Omarosa Manigault Newman, who has trouble getting her stories straight, says she taped Chief of Staff [COS] John Kelly in The Situation Room.

Omarosa is the disgruntled White House aide who was fired for ethics violations.


John Kelly tells her on tape at her firing that she is accused of “some serious integrity violations”. And she is sharing this to clear her name?

Her defense is sketchy.  Taping secretly in a classified area is an integrity violation, proving the COS’s point.

Even if it’s not illegal for her to have taped, it’s absolutely unethical.

Hack Chuck Todd didn’t even question her on the integrity issue during Sunday’s interview in which she shares some of the audio.

In the tape with John Kelly, he tells her a friendly departure will make it easier for her to move on with a resume that includes a year in the White House.

She took that as a threat but it’s actually a fact. With extraordinarily hyperbolic language, she called it “criminal”.

The COS was generously letting her go with an opportunity to save her reputation and waylay her experience into another lucrative position. Instead, she proved his point about “integrity violations”.

For some reason, she thinks the COS being in charge of hiring and firing shows the President is clueless. She makes a lot of leaps.


Todd failed to play the part where Kelly allegedly said things would “get ugly” for her. She says he said it. Why didn’t we hear it on tape?

In an update, we have included additional segments from another tape of the President. Omarosa is immoral. Kelly was right about her.

The update:

The left-wing social media and mainstream media are making this about the White House, claiming security lapses and an allegedly threatening Chief of Staff.

Most would not read what John Kelly said as a threat so much as an offer to spare her.

Her unethical taping is being used by the media to trash the President. This is a media that insulted, ridiculed and mocked Omarosa for her entire time in the White House.

As Candace Owens said, prosecute her! [Unfortunately, she can’t be prosecuted]


It must have been awful working with her, considering her inability to think logically, her disloyalty, and her bad temper. Her lack of self-reflection comes through. She also appears to lie. In her book, Unhinged, she allegedly writes that she did not hear the President use the “n” word but she told NBC she heard a tape with him using the word on the set of The Apprentice. That is an old story spun by Trump hater Tom Arnold.

Kellyanne Conway’s husband called her out for lying about what the President allegedly called him and he is no fan of Trump’s. Michael Cohen said it’s not true that the President chewed up messages he gave him. He wondered how anyone could actually believe that.

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