Report COS John Kelly Will Resign, They Are Not on Speaking Terms


CNN claims Chief of Staff John Kelly will step down in the next few days. They said this is different from other reports since President Trump and COS Kelly are not even on speaking terms.

“Things are no longer sustainable,” is how CNN phrased it based on sourcing from White House aides.

CNN claims the two have a love-hate relationship.

Will Kelly’s loyalists in the White House also quit?

This doesn’t seem like a good thing for the White House. Will Kirsten Nielsen stay? The President has reportedly been unhappy with her performance.

At the same time, he’s picking the inexperienced Heather Nauert for UN Ambassador and, possibly, an establishment Attorney General, William Barr, a former Bush AG. That might be good or not.

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5 years ago

Trump has signaled that he is going to go after the widespread corruption of the Democratic party and he needs to have at his side people that are just as committed as he to routing out these criminals as he is. Like Sessions Kelly may not have the guts to go all the way to destroying the mafia like corruption of the Democratic leaders.