Council Members Ask Police to Lay Off Nervous Drunk Driving ‘Immigrants’


City Councilman and Black Lives Matter activist Braxton Winston said police should be more sensitive to immigrants. The way they are to do that is to tell the police to go easy on the drunk drivers in immigrant [illegal obviously] neighborhoods, defense maven reports.

This is insanity. Any nutjob can now get into a position of power.

A couple of the loopy councilmembers urged the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) to “cut back” on traffic checkpoints and overall drunk-driving enforcement in those areas because it “makes illegal immigrants nervous to see the cops,” WBT reported.

Checkpoints aren’t determined by country of origin. They are decided based on high concentrations of accidents and drunk drivers. Basically, the councilmen want the ‘immigrants’ to get a pass on these crimes if a couple of council members get their way.

Braxton was suspicious because during the same timeframe police were running checkpoints, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents were rounding up at least a dozen illegal aliens in the same area.

The police didn’t know a thing about it, but in a normal world, they would be working together.


Winston, a Black Lives Matter activist, has accused CMPD of racism and brutality in the past, according to CNN.

He declared that the department should be more sensitive to illegal immigrants, and told them they should avoid establishing checkpoints in immigrant neighborhoods or anywhere near areas where federal agents are also conducting operations, WBT reported.

“I understand our CMPD might have been using it to try to make our community safer, but it…continues to erode the trust within our immigrant communities that are highly concentrated right in that area,” Winston said.

“It makes it hard for us to execute on these promises of bridging differences,” he added.

Another city council loon said that safety is important, but making ‘immigrants’ feel police are not working with the police is more important.

These people don’t distinguish between legal and illegal immigrants and they care more about illegals than the lives of citizens.

The Democrat nuts didn’t get their way this time but Winston wants to keep discussing it.

As one commenter on the article said: I support them wholeheartedly. I’ve been planning on robbing some banks and savings and loans, and the presence of cops makes me nervous too. I’m going straight to my City Council. They need to talk to the Police Chief and make sure I’m not traumatized by them racist gun toting civil servants. I think I’ll insist they don’t carry guns too. I should be the only one carrying a gun, would make me much less nervous.


  1. Real question: can this be considered as the early reintegration of segregation in our communities? Can we not see this in the universities-housing, etc., ? Very disturbing development for our society!!

    • The main source of “discrimination” are these idiots…and for the record a drunk driver is a drunk driver, a thief is a thief, an illegal alien is illegal and so on and so on…capiche idiot!!!

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