“Country Within a Country” Toolkit for Developing “Receiving Communities”


We are living through the fundamental transformation of the United States and it might be a lot worse than we anticipated. Allegedly, there are those in the White House who hope to make us into a “country within a country” and transform our communities into “receiving communities.”

Sixteen White House officials, including a top advisor to Barack Obama, Cecilia Munoz, recently joined open borders groups in conference calls to brainstorm plans to form a country within a country comprised of immigrants who would eventually become the new Americans, overshadowing citizens. In order to make this happen, they must have “receiving communities”.

White House officials’ involvement in developing a “country within a country” was exposed by Susan Payne, a radio talk show host for WCBM, who was inadvertently invited to listen in on three conference calls. The participants on the call discussed forming a “country within a country” of immigrants, including illegal immigrants and refugees, who would eventually become the new America, pushing citizens into the shadows as the immigrants or new Americans emerge from the shadows.

To learn more about the calls, read Breaking…WH Plans to Develop a Country Within a Country of 15 Million New Americans.

Some of us first heard the term “New Americans” in lieu of the term illegal immigrants in April 2013 when it was used in the Senate immigration bill. The bill for all intents and purposes abolished the terms “illegal alien” and “illegal immigrant,” substituting “registered new Americans.” The “U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services” was to be called the “Office of Citizenship and New Americans.”

President Obama has recently taken to calling immigrants, including illegal immigrants, “Americans-in-waiting.”

It’s a form of messaging and arguably propaganda, something we see emphasized in the “toolkit” for developing “receiving communities” put out by Welcoming America, a group funded by George Soros’ Center for American Progress and the JM Kaplan Fund. The JM Kaplan Fund was one of the extremely left wing groups that has been and continues to pay out thousands to identify every group on the right as a “hate group.”

Welcoming America’s handbook or toolkit, Receiving Communities Toolkit – Welcoming Americaoutlines the tactics that can be employed to transform communities.

One of the issues they deal with is illegal immigration. They don’t want to stop it, they want to convince us of its merits. The following is a screenshot from the toolkit.

approach to illegal immigration

The groups developing the “receiving communities” are not encouraging refugees and other immigrants to fit into your cities and towns, they are working on you, the “receiving community” to make you more “welcoming” to the foreign cultures coming your way.

We are a “nation of immigrants”, not a nation with borders with Founding ideals.

Welcoming America is comprised of community organizers and they are spreading throughout the United States with affiliates in more than twenty states.

The author of the toolkit is Susan Susan Downs-Karkos. She has described her organization’s job as “promoting understanding and support for refugees.”  It is never about assimilation, it’s about navigation and infiltration. It’s not about foreigners understanding our values, our culture, our way of life. It is always about us understanding, accepting and adapting to them.

Communities that resist are called “pockets of resistance” and once identified, Welcoming America’s job is to come in to shut them up.

The Obama administration is encouraging far more expansive immigration through illegal immigration and asylum seeking.

Refugees are worth special note because they get immediate income, housing, food, clothing, medical care, education, and a pathway to citizenship.

The U.N. is screening most of the refugees coming into the United States and it is an organization that has never been known for its support of the United States. It is a gathering place for some of the world’s worst dictators.

The spring institute for cultural learning referred to in the toolkit is part of Soros ’Reform Immigration for America. They receive large federal and local grants as do all these leftist open borders groups. In other words, you get to pay for your own “country within a country”.

The toolkit describes the dramatic demographic changes over the past 15 years which have increased the number of immigrants from 1 in 12 in 1990 to 1 in 8 by 2005.

The author writes, “Change on this scale is never easy, neither for immigrants nor for the communities into which they settle, referred to as “receiving communities.” The booklet is designed to teach others of like mind how to convince citizens to accept and adapt. It’s loaded with resources as well.

Tools include: spreading cultural exchanges in colleges, holding cultural festivals – not Patriot’s Day of course, lauding contributions of immigrants, holding public conversations – PC conversations – particularly among interfaith groups, push literature promoting their ideology, joint volunteerism, provide ESL and citizenship instructions, form alliances with minorities such as blacks and LGBTs, put out films and plays with this mindset, and make contact with government officials.

Sometimes there is a fine line between legitimate discourse and propaganda. Two screenshots from the toolkit refer to messaging. It’s up to the reader to decide which of the two this is. Representative examples of how it is used are not included here.

messaging propaganda



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