Coup News! Desperate DNC Sues Trump, Others for Russia Collusion


The desperate Democrats are watching their collusion/obstruction case against the President fall apart but the clever leftists have a new line of attack. They will use all the newspaper articles and blather by the corrupt officials who are involved to sue the President and his associates or alleged associates.

The lawsuit is a bad joke but it’s a good fundraising ploy. That is until they have to open up their files to discovery.

They cannot accept that they lost the election and will continue with the coup d’état through the courts. This is also an effort to compile information for an impeachment after the November election.

They are panicking. The very people who probed the alleged Trump-Russia conspiracy appear to have engaged in criminal behavior over a bogus charge.

What’s In the Suit

The Democrat Party filed suit on Friday in federal court alleging that the organization was the victim of a conspiracy by Russian officials, the Trump campaign and WikiLeaks to damage Hillary Clinton’s presidential run.

It’s a 66-page lawsuit is comprised of publicly known facts — alleged facts — of Russia meddling in the election. It accuses Trump associates of colluding with Russian spies to interfere with the election.

“The conspiracy constituted an act of previously unimaginable treachery: the campaign of the presidential nominee of a major party in league with a hostile foreign power to bolster its own chance to win the presidency,” the D.N.C. wrote in its lawsuit, which was first reported by The Washington Post.

Democrats say Trump’s campaign is a “racketeering enterprise” that worked with Russians and Wikileaks to hack email servers at the DNC. They want damages — money and a confession.

It’s another partisan assault to humiliate the President and his associates and to continue the fishing expedition.

Tom Perez, the Marxist chairman of the Democratic Party, said the lawsuit will hold them accountable.

“During the 2016 presidential campaign, Russia launched an all-out assault on our democracy, and it found a willing and active partner in Donald Trump’s campaign,” Mr. Perez said. “If the occupant of the Oval Office won’t protect our democracy, Democrats will. It is our obligation to the American people.”

Perez knows nothing of our Republic.

The Defendants

The defendants named in the lawsuit are: Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks; Donald J. Trump for President Inc.; Donald Trump Jr., the president’s son; Paul Manafort, his onetime campaign chairman; Roger Stone, a longtime friend of Mr. Trump; Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law and senior adviser; George Papadopoulos, a campaign aide; and Richard Gates, an associate of Mr. Manafort’s and the deputy campaign chairman.

It is also an effort to tie the President to anyone who did or said anything embarrassing or even criminal.

This is from the party of the corrupt Clintons who skewed the election to cheat Bernie. They also interfered in the Israeli election among others.

Tom Perez is a crazy leftist like his buddy Bernie Sanders. They recently went on tour together to tiny, little crowds.

Perez is a racist and a hardcore Marxist. The man even lied about his family history, is hard left, and will bring the Democrat Party to the furthest left fringe.

  • Perez lied about his family history in order to further a political narrative of public service.
  • His grandfather, who he says spoke out about the Dominican dictator Rafael Trujillo, actually represented and defended the tyrant in Washington for five years before eventually heading into exile.
  • The crazy Marxist is a radical on immigration, having prosecuted Border Patrol agents and served on the board of a radical group to help Central American illegal immigrants.
  • The DNC chair is a radical on racial issues, having used disparate impact theory to assess civil rights and discrimination cases. Perez also dropped the DOJ case against the Black Panther Party for voter intimidation because he doesn’t believe that civil rights laws can be race-neutral.
  • Perez used his private e-mail 1,200 times to conduct official business – taking a lesson from his party’s failed presidential nominee.

This is a good time to remember how Perez wanted to label Bernie Sanders a racist. Perez and the DNC worked together to undermine Bernie Sanders.

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