Court blocks DOJ order banning bond hearings for some ‘asylum seekers’


On Monday, a three-judge panel of far-left judges on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against the administration’s policy allowing for the indefinite detention of certain asylum-seekers. They refused to overturn a lower court ruling temporarily blocking it, according to The Hill.

“The government failed to show a likelihood of success on the merits of its underlying argument that the government may indefinitely detain the plaintiffs without affording bond hearings at all,” the ruling stated.

It’s really about freeing all these foreigners with a small bond or on their own recognizance. About 90% of the asylum seekers are said to be frauds.

The decision was rendered by Carter judges, Mary Schroeder and William Canby, and Obama just Morgan Christen.

According to the three leftists, the Department of Justice did not prove it would suffer irreparable harm if required to provide bond hearings pending the appeal.

They did not allow, however, a time constraint on releasing the illegal aliens — the mostly fake asylum seekers.

Attorney General William Barr issued the order earlier this year, determining that asylum-seekers who pass a “credible fear” test and go on to full deportation proceedings aren’t entitled to bond hearings.

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