Court Filing Suggests Impeachment Inquiry Began Pre-Mueller Report


A court filing suggests the impeachment inquiry began before the Mueller report was completed. Democrats continually claimed they wanted to hear the Mueller report before making a decision, but, in fact, it appears they were not even waiting for an investigation that cost the American people $31.7 million. They weren’t looking for proof, evidence, or to follow the rules, and they appear to have lied about it.


Nadler first claimed earlier this month that “formal impeachment proceedings” were underway when he filed a petition to get secret grand jury information from the Mueller report. But Monday’s filing in a separate case looking to compel testimony from former White House counsel Don McGahn suggested that it had already started on March 4 — weeks before Mueller sent his report to Attorney General Bill Barr on March 22.

In a Washington Post interview published March 11, Pelosi said, “Impeachment is so divisive to the country that unless there’s something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan, I don’t think we should go down that path, because it divides the country.”

According to Monday’s court filing, Democrats already proceeded to impeachment a week before that interview went to print. She lied to manipulate Americans?

That suggests Democrats never cared about what was in the Mueller report and have been lying about impeachment. The Democrat House Judiciary under Jerrold Nadler began the impeachment inquiry before the Mueller report was produced.

It became clear August 22nd, in a letter obtained by Politico that the impeachment inquiry was ongoing. In the letter, Nadler requested documents from other committees for the impeachment inquiry.

They haven’t taken a vote in Congress. Informally, 135 House Democrats and one Independent want to impeach the President.

The Democrats are lawless, dishonest, and tearing down our constitution, says Harmeet Dhillon.

House Democrats are harassing Trump administration officials. All they care about is taking down the President. Nothing like this has ever gone on in this country, she concludes.

The silence from the Republicans is deafening.


What is going is irrational. The resistance believes they have the right to corrupt the entire government to take down the administration with whom they disagree.

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