Cowboys Can’t Graze Cattle on U.S. Land But China Can Buy It



I’d like to know why cowboys can’t graze cattle on U.S. land but China can come in and buy it or set up unionized businesses on it. The solar project planned in Laughlin, Nevada was canceled because there was no one to buy the power – California had declined – but that is the only thing that stopped the project.

The recent events at the Bundy ranch renewed attention on the sale and leasing of American land and resources to communist China. China wants to invest in the U.S. and they have chosen areas in need of investors to do business.  They do more than invest in some cases, they set up communities which can often be described as enclaves.

These enclaves are not to be confused with Chinatown. These are often self-sufficient Chinese communities. I don’t have specific information about the community being set up in Nevada but we have examples from other areas of the country.

The Chinese are open in that visitors are welcomed to visit the communities to learn about their culture. One problem with this is China is a propagandized, repressive culture that is building up their military with the wealth they are acquiring in part thanks to us.

A Chinese dairy company is poised to buy Synlait in Arizona. They will also own the land Synlait owned.

China is attempting to buy Smithfield Farms which will make China the largest pork producers in the world despite the fact that their sanitary practices are among the worst in the world. It hasn’t been approved by the OIO (Overseas Investment Office) as of yet. It’s short-sighted of Smithfield but they like to say they’re a global company and this is a harmless progression. They’ve been in bed with the Chinese for years. The company that wants to buy them is a government company.

In 2012, Chinese investments hit a record high.  They targeted advanced manufacturing in oil and gas led by Synopec’s investment in Devon Energy. Other industries targeted by China are renewable energy, aerospace, electronics and banking.

Also in 2012, we were warned about possible spying threats from the two largest phone technology companies in China which invest in the U.S.  The companies Huawei and ZTE refused to cooperate with a congressional investigation. They were not blocked from Huawei defines itself as a collective, not a company.

They can make more money in the States and their taste for U.S. purchases has not slowed.

Since 1999, we have known that China has a habit of setting up front companies in the United States which are used for spying operations.  For twenty years, according to CNN in a May 25, 1999 article, China spent the previous twenty years stealing secret data on every nuclear weapon in our arsenal. That information came from a bipartisan report. Supposedly, security was tightened after that information became known.

Back in September 2011, I wrote about the numerous Chinese developments being planned and which will provide jobs for our union workers instead of sending jobs to China. That’s the upside.

It is understood that it is a global world but, make no mistake, China’s politics and their form of government disallows freedom. They are good at propaganda and their influence could be harmful.

The Chinese are known to hack our power grids and our secret service facilities. Is it wise to invite them into our country?

Trade with China is beneficial for our country as well as China, but their theft is seriously problematic. They are stealing our technology, our patents, hacking into Google, and stealing intellectual property. It’s getting worse because we are doing nothing to stop it or even slow it down.


China also spies on us. If we let them into our country, spying will be much easier for them.  When our businesses go to China to do business, all their technology must be shared with them. GE and GM are doing that to name two but the Chinese want it all.

We are losing our wealth and power to communist China at a phenomenal rate:

They play games with the currency.

They have installed counterfeit parts on U.S. military planes and set up backdoor spying.

They constantly saber-rattle.

Their human rights abuses are legendary and they have set about annihilating Tibetans.

Their abusive one-child policy is abhorrent and though VP Biden “understands it”, I don’t. When MH370 went down, the families of the victims were mostly Chinese and what was particularly devastating for them is that the victims were “only children” for most of the families.

Forty-four percent of the companies in China are government owned, the rest are owned by higher-ups in the communist party who are loyal to the government and who do nothing without the permission of the government.

Chinese companies are corrupt as are all socialist and communist companies that place great power in the hands of the few who are favored. They live off bribes and favors.

Remember when the left demonized Kathy Lee Giffords over sweatshops because unbeknownst to her the company used sweatshop labor? China is still one big sweatshop and supporting communist China supports sweatshops indirectly. Where is the outrage?

This is when the Democrats cared about human rights abuses:

Some of these developments are being planned by Sinomach, which is primarily owned by the Communist government (the ruling Communist Party). The developments are planned for Michigan, Idaho and Pennsylvania.

Dayton Daily News reported that Sino-Michigan Properties (Sinomach) is currently planning one of these enclaves in Milan, 40 minutes outside of Detroit and Toledo.

Sinomach is one of Forbes most admired companies.

The gentleman who made the following video supports the developments as long as someone buys the land and develops it. Do you agree?

The Toledo Blade reported May, 2011 that a Chinese mainland company, Dashing Pacific Group Ltd. purchased property in the Marina district in East Toledo and stands ready to buy another 69 acres including the decommissioned Thomas Edison power plant.

Dashing Ltd. partners with a number of U.S. companies such as IBM.

Click here for information about the Chairwoman who is integrally tied to the Chinese communist government and has a somewhat hidden past. Both people behind Dashing, Mr. Wu and Ms. Yuan, owe much to the Chinese Communist government – check it out.

In September 2011, I reported about one such community being considered for Boise, Idaho. It is supposed to be 50 square miles. The owners would be Sinomach (China National Machinery Industry Corporation).

The Chinese communities will include manufacturing facilities, warehouses, retail centers, Chinese government schools, and large numbers of homes for Chinese workers which does appear to make them somewhat, if not totally, self-sustaining.

Idaho Statesman is in support of the idea and decries the exaggerations by some .  It is true that there have been apocryphal stories cropping up around the idea and it is hard to sift the fact from fiction. A lot of misinformation on the right arises from people thinking the worst but stories from the left painting this as a “no-never-mind” are not reality-based either.

Click here for a message from the Communist Chairman of Sinomach and see what you think.

The federal government does heartily approve of all this in case you are wondering. There is a lot of money in it for the government and it will make our government more powerful.

Why can’t we make America business-friendly for residents and citizens instead?

Do we really want to do more business with them and even welcome them into our country, communist culture and all? Is this the type of competition we want to set up for U.S. companies?

China setting up shop in the US


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