Crackpots Hope for a Million Muslim March in DC on 9/11


tinfoilhat parade

Muslims have their crackpots too, just like us non-Muslims.

Get ready for their tin foil hat parade on DC 9/11/13.

The American Muslim Political Action Committee is planning a one million Muslim march to Washington D.C. on September 11th. Could they be any more insulting?

The PAC is a NJ-based [figures] organization whose mission it is to ’empower the Muslim Voices in American Politics, to organize the American Muslim communities in the mainstream public affairs, civic discourse, and party politics all across the United States,’ according to their website.

The purpose of the march is to demand their civil rights be protected by the government. They seem to think 1st Amendment rights are not available to them and they want more laws.

They want to establish humanity and justice through the civil rights movement. Oh, puh..leeze!

They claim they were victims of 9/11 as much as non-Muslims and that they are the victims of libel and slander. Islam is being demonized, they say.

In their statement, they say they are prevented from proselytizing. I don’t know who is stopping them from preaching. Perhaps they want forced listening?

The people on the site appear to be 9/11 Truthers and they are pushing the whole Islamaphobia propaganda. They also have a photo of Isa Hodge on their march site. He is a radical American Muslim and Sharia adoree who claims he is not radical.

One commenter on their site wrote, The date you’ve chosen for your march defeats the purpose of your march. The date is antagonistic, you have to know that. Your efforts would be better off used on those Muslims that are giving you the bad name.

I wouldn’t be too bothered by this march. These are the dingbats in the Muslim faith. They won’t get a million people. They are pot stirrers.

They make normal Muslims look foolish unfortunately.


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