Cranky Harry Reid Snorting Koch & Spitting Lies


If only Reid had a brain

It’s becoming evident that Majority Leader Harry Reid has an addiction to Koch (pronounced coke). It would seem the increasingly incoherent, multi-millionaire pol from Searchlight, Nevada can’t get through a day without snorting some Koch, most often from the slander proof safety of his perch in the Senate.

Of course the Cranky Harry cravings we’re referencing deal with his dependence on defaming the wealthy brothers, philanthropists, and political activists, Charles and David Koch. However, much like any addict hooked on an unhealthy drug, Reid stoops to anti-social behaviors such as bullying, denying, and lying in order to satisfy his needs.

Here are some of Harry’s greatest Koch “hits”, followed by the facts and a brief commentary:

“The Koch brothers are spending hundreds of millions of dollars telling Americans that ObamaCare is bad for them. It’s easy to do if you have no conscience and are willing to lie….”. Perhaps going for irony, Reid, himself, lied twice. First, ObamaCare has proven to be bad for many millions of Americans. Second, this past March, a hundred million dollars of Koch money went to add a wing to New York-Presbyterian Hospital. We await a similar display of selflessness from the very, very wealthy Mr. Reid.

“We have two brothers who are actually trying to buy the country.” Even given the fact Reid’s favored fiscal policies have the nation swimming in debt, it’s beyond insane to imagine two people anywhere with enough money to purchase the United States of America. We could guess this claim was just a slip of the tongue, perhaps after one of those (proudly announced by President Obama) Washington D.C. Happy Hours, except Harry never looks happy.

“They are the two richest people in the world, and they are in it to make money.” said Reid. They’re not even the wealthiest people in the this country. Pretty sure left leaners like Warren Buffet, and Bill Gates are worth more. But note the senator’s obsession with Koch dough. This from a diminutive little fella who, lo those many years ago, left good old Searchlight to seek his fortune in Washington D.C…..and found it big time! From a man of modest means to millionaire, all while on the public dime. Nice.

Regarding Global Warming, Reid referenced his favorite whipping boys stating, “They are one of the main causes of this. Not a cause, one of the main causes.” Hurry! Alert China and India. Tell them our own super smart climatologist, Harry Mason Reid, has given some cover to their mega polluting ways. Wonder if the Senate Leader will get a donation to his favorite charity? Careful Harry. Better Google Charlie Trie. Remember, in the mid-nineties Bill Clinton and your fellow Dems got into some hot water over Chinese nationals making illegal campaign contributions.

Perhaps the worst “hits” of all came when Senator Reid showed a breathtaking heartlessness, even for him, by defaming seriously ill people who’d come forward complaining about ObamaCare.

He whined about ads paid for by “two billionaire brothers”, featuring patients whose health was threatened by government mandated changes to their insurance policies.

Here are some of Heartless Harry’s lowlights. “There’s plenty of horror stories being told. All of them are untrue. Stories made up from whole cloth. Lies!”

He specifically targeted a woman suffering from blood cancer.  Referencing her appearance in an ad, Reid played MD and critiqued the Leukemia patient’s fear she “would die without her medication” , as, “absolutely false.”

We’re certain that courageous lady took great comfort in Dr. Reid’s uplifting prognosis. He leaps from climatologist to hematologist in the time it takes to go from one rambling, deceitful Senate speech to another.

Meanwhile virtually all Reid’s cowardly Democrat colleagues remain silent as he continues his bullying assaults on American citizens from the Senate floor.

Like enablers who fear confronting an increasingly out of control addict they sit back and watch as their Majority Leader readies himself to snort another line of Koch (pronounced coke), and spit out a bunch of lies.