Crazed Anti-Trumper Caught Shooting Up Trump’s Miami Golf Club


Jonathan Oddi, 42, has been arrested after opening fire in the lobby of the Trump National Doral Golf Club early Friday. Chief Hernan Organvidez of the Doral policeDepartment said the police received the call of an active shooter at 1:30 a.m.


When police arrived, Oddi, armed with a handgun, had draped an American flag over the lobby counter. He was “yelling and spewing”…”anti-Trump rhetoric,” later shooting into the ceiling and chandeliers as officer rushed in according to the sun-sentinel.

The media is trying to present Oddi as a man who leans right or has mixed views because he doesn’t like Colin Kaepernick and does like Melania Trump, according to his Facebook pages. However, another post shows a Time magazine cover depicting Trump for a story about his troubles with porn star Storm Daniels. “Reality is harsh,” Oddi wrote.

And in another post, Oddi blasts the United States for “giving $10.4 million every day” to Israel. “They have free healthcare and college. but we don’t because we can’t afford it!”

Sounds like a leftist on key issues, so much so, that he was willing to shoot people over it.

There is the fact he was spewing anti-Trump rhetoric. This will disappear quickly from the media.

Oddi is a self-described fitness expert and real estate investor, according to his Facebook account.


The police exchanged fire with the shooter and shot him multiple times in the lower extremities. He is being treated in a hospital and is in stable condition, being treated for multiple gunshots to his legs.

An officer was injured with some broken bones, but not from the firearms and he is in good condition. Other officers were shot but are in good condition.

Eric Trump expressed his gratitude to the Doral Police.

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