Crazed Bernie Supporter Stopped by a Gun, Kimmel Hires More Armed Security, So Ban Guns?


Jimmy Kimmel, Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren and others want our guns. Hillary wants to ban silencers but silencers would have done nothing. Others want to make the bump-stock illegal which is a fine idea except people can make their own. Will it matter in the end? France has had four actual machine gun massacres and they have very strict gun laws.

This week, Kimmel sobbed over gun rights in this country during his late night ‘comedy’ show. Of course he has armed security which he recently increased because he’s afraid since he’s taken to crying over political issues every night.

Kimmel wasn’t even accurate. Breitbart thoroughly debunked his lies.

His false claims and hypocrisy are ignored as his tear-filled videos are played over and over on the Internet and gun grabbers go, “Yeah!”

Kimmel didn’t just advocate for a gun law of one kind or another. His complaints about guns ran the gamut. He has no use for the 2nd Amendment, partly because he can hire armed guards.

Late night comedy is miserable left-wing politics.

Strict gun laws breed elevated crime in many areas. The evidence is clear on this.

Research shows how murders in the United States are heavily concentrated in very small areas. Few appreciate how much of the US has no murders each year. Murder isn’t a nationwide problem. It’s a problem in a very small set of urban areas, and any solution must reduce those murders.

Suburban households are 28.6% more likely to own guns than urban households. Despite lower gun ownership, urban areas experience much higher murder rates. It is interesting to note that so much of the country has both very high gun ownership rates and zero murders.


The gun grabbers throw out stats that include suicides – two-thirds of gun deaths are suicides, – the stats also include terrorism and gangs, but that’s kept under wraps. Shall we ban explosives since the Vegas shooter had explosives. Oh, wait, explosives are banned. Shall we ban hammers, vans, knives? Where does it end?

Rep. Scalise has the answer. Stand up for the 2nd Amendment.

Rep. Scalise was nearly killed and severely wounded by a crazed Bernie-supporting gunman    this past summer. It has “fortified” his support of the 2nd Amendment. He believes in it more than ever.

Fox News’s Martha MacCallum asked Scalise in an interview on Tuesday about his views on the 2nd Amendment after his near-death.

“I think it’s fortified it,” Scalise said.



  1. The celebs and politicians who want to ban guns — and plenty of them want precisely that, nothing less — all have security details, bodyguards, fortified cars, and live in gated, policed communities — far away from the riff raft.

    they are hypocrites, liars, and out to disarm Americans. The 2nd Amendment is what keeps this country free, to the extent that we are at this point.

  2. I think regulating them is reasonable and when someone starts buying as many guns as Paddock did, perhaps he should get a visit from the feds and if he has a reason, then okay. However, because the left wants all guns eliminated, giving them an inch is probably not a great idea. We need a 50 mile radius around the 2nd Amendment. I’m in NY and I really don’t have a 2nd Amendment right. I can’t defend myself with a gun really.

    These psychopaths would blow us up if all the guns were gone. Ireland has had more gun deaths since their gun ban.

    P.S. The Obama administration authorized bump stocks.

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