Crazy as a Bat Rachel Maddow Vanquishes All Competition in the Ratings


Rachel Maddow is the new queen of cable news. She’s beating the competition and it’s not even close. During the month of July, Maddow beat Fox’s stars on all but three nights. The only exceptions were on two occasions when Tucker topped her and once when Hannity did with an interview of Donald Trump Jr.

Maddow has been pulling in 3 million viewers and more while his closest competition, Tucker and Hannity came in at about 2.2 million.

She destroyed the competition in the 25-54 demographic and in the younger 18-49 demographic.

Maddow is the former failed Air America host. It doesn’t get much further left than Air America. She’s also conspiratorial in much of her reporting.

Even crazy MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell is beating Fox with 2.7 million viewers at 10 p.m. He too is very conspiratorial.

Much of this is likely driven by the constant negative attacks on Donald Trump and the loss of Megyn Kelly and Bill O’Reilly from the Fox nightly lineup.

Fox should bring back O’Reilly but they won’t. O’Reilly had about 3.7 million viewers a night.

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6 years ago

I accept that Fox is self-destructing like the republican party. I don’t miss O’Reilly because he always found a way on big issues to turn Left. And, he avoided the big serious fights.

Donnie Newell
Donnie Newell
6 years ago

so she gets rich destroying our president and our country. i’m not impressed.