Crazy Ashley Judd Melts Down Over Being Called “Sweetheart”


Do NOT ever compliment Ashley Judd or you will end up being called a sexist who engages in “everyday sexism”.

In her latest rant in her first Facebook live post, Judd complains about an agent who called out, “Hey, sweetheart”.

She explains in the video how offended she was and said, “I’m not your sweetheart, I am your client.”

She continued: “This is the kind of thing, to me, that happens which I categorize as everyday sexism. And it’s so easy to let it go — not to speak up. Particularly when it’s so easy for someone to push back and say, ‘Oh, I was just being polite,’ or something like that.”

It got worse according to Judd: “When I was setting my things out, he said, ‘Hey nice dress!’ I didn’t hear him say anything about the attire of any of the other folks in the entire line and I am in one of the most-traveled airports in the world. I’m surrounded by lots and lots of other people dressed in lots of different kinds of dress.”

“And then guess what happened next? He touched me,” Judd alleged.

Oh horrors!

This agent must be self-destructive. Doesn’t he know that she’s the crazy menstrual poet? She said: “By that time, you know, my skin was burning, my feet are burning — it’s so hard to continue to set these boundaries when someone continues to push. And then for good measure, he just said one more time, ‘Have a good day, sweetheart!’”

The poor dear!

The manager apologized and said it “is inappropriate to use that kind of language”. Yes, using the word “sweetheart” and saying she had a “nice dress” is abominable.

One must wonder if she was trying to get the poor man fired for calling her “sweetheart”.  She’s crazy, condescending, not a sweetheart and she doesn’t really look that great. Someone needs to tell her we don’t care.

Look at how she was blabbering away about her dress before she was offended.


  1. I started noticing a certain trend that seems to be taking hold. I am unaware of Ashley’s film career so I can’t speak on her case but there are enough examples where a certain actor will play a part that is disgusting at its core. Not long thereafter we see this same person’s behavior as one of disgust. We can only judge on a person’s public persona and this public version seems to align with the role that portrays the worst of humanity. Once an actor portrays such a character there may be residual traits that are left in the person’s psyche. The claim of being able to divorce one’s own persona from that character may not be as easy as claimed. Once a person is immersed in disgusting or perverted acts on screen they become more comfortable in extreme acts in their own lives. And This is where the character is manipulated by Producers, Directors etc. It is known that many in Hollywood are littered with disgusting, perverted individuals and by creating roles for actors they have “converted” individuals, who once may have been honorable citizens, to mimic their own behavior and start down the road of personal destruction. One may believe they have attained the real beginning of “freedom” whereas it is just the opposite.

    I don’t know the history of this particular actor in their career but it would interesting to find out. Could this be the reason so many in this industry have their first inhibition removed by nudity on screen. Once inhibitions are removed, even slightly, it escalates from there. How unnecessary is it for a program, created and Designed for television, that it would contain scenes of nudity. Those scenes wouldn’t be part of the broadcast episode but Do find their way to DVD. There Must be Some purpose this is done. I have concluded this purpose is to corrupt the individual and thus be part of the corrupt institution.

  2. I used to enjoy Ashley Judd’s movies. Not at like like the real Ashley. In the future, make movies more true to life like the NASTY BITCH that you really are.

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