Crazy Bernie promises to tax people who make $29k a year to fund Medicare for All


If you make $29,000 or more a year, you might be surprised to hear that you will be taxed to pay for Medicare for All.

That is what Bernie is planning to do. He made his comments during a speech at a town hall in Derry-Salem Elks in Salem, N.H. and the idiots in the audience applauded the additional taxes on people who don’t make very much.

What has happened to New Hampshire, the Live Free or Die state?

Bernie’s life’s work has been to make us communists.

Medicare For All is unsustainable and we are in debt now. He even wants to give it FOR FREE to any foreigner who happens to come into the country. Bernie is also planning to give all illegals amnesty.

Everyone will get free college too.

The man’s crazy and the sad thing is people are listening to him.


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