Crazy Cali passes law banning suspensions for “willful defiance”


As part of their continuous effort to micromanage everything, the officials in charge of California will control the discipline of the youth under the false premise that minorities are disproportionately suspended unfairly.

Teachers, in general, don’t suspend unfairly. The field attracts caring people who love children.

The claim is minorities are suspended more for “willful defiance.”

What if the children are willfully defiant? If they are, it’s likely because they weren’t taught to be respectful of authority figures at home. Now California wants teachers to mimic the same bad discipline the parents are engaging in.


By September, it will be illegal for public schools in California to suspend students in first through fifth grade for willfully defying teachers or administrators. Then, from 2021 through 2025, it will be temporarily extended to kids in grades six through eight.

California is also banning early start times which will cost some districts millions of dollars, Fox 40 reports.

This is the nonsense that Barack Obama was selling and which was bought by Parkland schools in Florida where 17 people were murdered by one of the students who benefitted from their loose discipline.

They have a dozen of these laws. California is trying to social engineer outcomes with pre-conceived biases based on ideology and without consultation of professionals in the field. It’s a definite recipe for failure, but California knows how to do that best.

Teachers are the best people to judge who needs to be disciplined in a school in most cases.

The discipline problems will grow much worse. Expect more “willful defiance.”

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