Crazy Chris Cuomo Is Scared Trump Will Imprison Him, Oh, If Only

During an interview with Rudy Guiliani, Chris Cuomo, brother of thug dictator Andrew Cuomo, said he is afraid President Trump could put him in jail, Newsbusters reported.

He thinks about that sometimes.

He came up with that idea because the President keeps complaining about leaks and journalists like leaks. He thinks that the President will throw him in jail since he is a journalist.

Cuomo’s a journalist? That’s a well-kept secret.

If he were an actual journalist, wouldn’t he be complaining about the government’s illegal leaks?

Anyway, that is what the snowflake said to guffaws from Mayor Guiliani. Guiliani joked that he would serve as his counsel.


  1. Chris and Andrew appear to be doing for the Cuomo gene pool what Teddy & Patrick did for the Kennedy gene pool.

  2. Between Chris & Andrew, it would appear the deteriorating Cuomo gene pool is mirroring that of the Kennedy’s.

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