Crazy Cortez is on a Twitter spree, giving away $$$, lying to people


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

AOC is on a spending spree with your money. She doesn’t have to figure out the costs or how she will pay for it because she’s the moral good fairy who will simply tax us to death with her magic wand. She will do this as she lies to her followers and tells them it won’t cost her a dime. The evil rich will pay,

As Judge Dregs said, there are consequences.

She’s also walking back her twelve-year deadline for Mother Earth, pretending she never meant it literally.

She definitely meant it literally and didn’t take it back until someone convinced her she sounded idiotic.

She’s our moral arbiter, of course, and she wants to overturn our economy and put in a socialist one. This is the woman who is “scared” of a garbage disposal unit in her sink. She’s planning to give away healthcare to all, including to everyone in the world who comes illegally, and the living wage for even the most menial work.

Never mind that some people who don’t try to get an education and work at improving their lives are irresponsible. There is a price to pay for not taking personal responsibility.

What she doesn’t seem to understand is what she is suggesting is the opposite of moral. She’s pushing theft, and even if she only wants to steal from the rich, they can’t possibly pay for all her freebies. AOC will kill the middle class.

The policies she espouses are what killed the business she used to work for as a bartender. The owner couldn’t afford the minimum wage and had to shut down his business. All those people were out of work.

And what is a living wage? How does the government decide when it is different for every state. One size does not fit all.

Her lack of understanding about economics and the failure of socialism throughout the world is mind-boggling. She’s also lying to people, telling them Betsy will pay for it all.

She’s a jealous, envious thief wannabe.

The GDP is up because of policies she wants to destroy. Like Maduro, she wants to decide salaries, prices, and everything else.

She wants everyone to make a lot more money. That’s a laudable goal but everyone can’t make a living wage for low-level, unskilled labor.

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