Crazy in Disneyland! Family Slaps and Belts Each Other While Kids Watch


This is the craziest fight yet — men beating women, women slapping men — while out for a fun day at Disneyland with the children.

A family went to Disneyland with the children and then got into a violent brawl in front of the children. The men and women were slapping and punching each other. This is absolutely nuts. The poor children.

Several people tried to intervene during the four minutes of mayhem, with a Disneyland janitor being the first park employee to try to break up the violence. The Anaheim police were called when Disney security couldn’t stop these people.

The family was thrown out of the park.

The family didn’t want anything done about their fight and were uncooperative. The police will continue to investigate now that they have the video.



  1. HAHAHA Jerry Springer in Disneyland if they would have given the park a heads up the park could have set up a ring and charged extra for this show LMFAO

  2. Notice the guy in the pink t-shirt with the dork knob hairdo threw the first slap, punch, whatever. Obviously, he was seriously offended by something. Then he kept going after the women to hit. Must’ve felt safer to do that, rather than go after the menfolk.
    Bet it was over something really stupid. Like, who got the last tickets to one of the rides. lol.
    Yep, “ghetto goes to Disney”. Must be okay to fight like that where they live, so why not everywhere they go.
    Just sayin’.

  3. I wish we could see what made the guy in a pink shirt so angry…I am NOT saying he was right to be angry, but I wish we could see what led to this crazy situation.

    I am NOT saying he was right to hit any woman but I wish we knew what the woman did to him to make him go bezerk.

    maybe she did nothing, maybe he is a crazy violent man, but I find it annoying that we have no idea what happened before the video starts.

    if I was a judge I would want to know what happened that led to this before I would decide what sentence to give to any of the participants…who started it? why? and what did they do that we don t see on the video?

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