Krazy Keith Olbermann Says “Arrest Kushner Now”, Possibly Execute Him Later


Disgraced and crazy Keith Olbermann, who has been fired from every TV job he’s had over his behavior, issued another video of “The Resistance” for the left-wing GQ mag rag whose editors and owners are exploiting this mentally unhinged former sportscaster and political commentator. Obermann wants Jared Kushner arrested immediately and suggests possible execution later for espionage.

All this is without any evidence whatsoever.

“I call for the immediate arrest of Jared Kushner,” Olbermann demanded stoically, in his sanest and more serious voice. “If he should not be suspected of money-launder, racketeering, and influence peddling, then he should be suspected of obstruction of justice and espionage.”

He references largely debunked stories and illegally leaked stores from unnamed sources, then goes on to say that if none of those rumors are true, why would he do it? He uses false and unproven stories to ask why he did it.

Citing  18 U.S. Code § 794, which he didn’t see relevant in Hilary Clinton’s or Barack Obama’s cases, he says, “arrest Kushner now”.

“These people do not believe in the law, these people do not believe in patriotism, these people do not believe in the United States of America,” Olbermann ranted. “These people — Kushner, his wife, Trump, General Allen, General McMaster, General Flynn, the others — are in their souls, if not under the law, traitors to this country.”

“No matter which excuse Kushner has for proposing to talk to Russia, using secret Russia communications, while surrounded by Russian spies, inside Russian territory, there is but one answer: arrest Kushner now,” said Olbermann.

Actually, Obama did collude with Medvedev and Hillary, with the cooperation of other Obama employees, did sell off our uranium and US technology to Russians with more than a hundred million dollars going to her Foundation and with the Podesta brother making millions.

If only the media had vetted Barack Obama the way they are going after Trump.

Daily Caller News Foundation (DCNF) wants to know why The Washington Post (WaPo) won’t release the allegedly smoking gun anonymous letter affirmed by anonymous sources that is the basis for saying Jared Kushner sought a back channel to the Russians. The White House has said that Kushner did not ask for a back channel.

When the DCNF contacted WaPo as to why they won’t release it, WaPo failed to respond.

Obama, as we know, had a back channel to the Ayatollah before his inauguration. That’s okay?

DCNF reported: WaPo also claimed American intelligence agencies discovered the ploy through an intercepted open phone call by Kislyak to Moscow. Observers have noted that Kislyak, a seasoned spy, made the phone call on an “open line,” and therefore knew it was likely to be intercepted.

The House intel investigation has now invited Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen in to testify along with Boris Epshteyn, an advisor to Trump and his spokesperson during the campaign. He is also a college friend of Eric Trump’s.

Epshteyn’s statement:

“Like many others, Mr. Epshteyn has received a broad, preliminary request for information from the House Intelligence Committee. This is a voluntary request. Mr. Epshteyn has not been subpoenaed nor do we anticipate that he will be. We have reached out to the Committee wth several follow up questions and we are awaiting their response in order to better understand what information they are seeking and whether Mr. Epshteyn is able to reasonably provide it.”

In a recent interview with Bill Maher, Epshteyn sparred with the progressive political commentator about whether Russia meddled in the election.

“You would have to ask Russia if they tried to meddle … Whether there was an attempt at meddling, again, how would I know?” Epshteyn said. “Again, if you have a problem with how the president is handling his foreign policy, you can speak at the ballot box in three and a half years.”

Michael Cohen called this a “witch hunt”.

After pursuing Professor Carter Page for months, the House intel committee no longer wants to interview Page. Trump responded in a tweet. The media, including Fox News, is knocking Trump for tweeting that they were persecuting Page and now seeming to change his mind and wanting him to testify. In fact, why don’t they want him to testify? Because it’s political and there’s nothing there?

Page says he has evidence that Comey and others lied.

Let’s investigate this and Obama’s radical communist upbringing:

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Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve
Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve
6 years ago

I am one of millions of very accomplished very well trained veterans, (who like the quiet men and women voted for Pres Trump, . we are sitting quietly accumulating our weapons and cleaning them, oiling them as we have been trained, just waiting, quietly waiting, we are very organized we have well trained lawyers, and the Left who assumes they will take over this country by force as they have been asserting in Berkeley, Portland, “Evergreen”, Haaaavard, U. of Calif in Santa Cruz, etc., etc., etc., THE LEFT IS MAKING THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF THEIR/ITS LIFE, Trust me, if the dems don’t rein in these anarchists left wingers there will be blood on THEIR hands, Wise Up, folks,
It seems that people will never take the advice which is given them and then with tears coming down their cheeks, they cry…………….(like Johnny Ringo said to Doc Halliday: ” I was only kidding” and Doc, (us) said VERY CALMLY: “I WASN’T”.
I am not a “right winger” having sorrowfully supported Osama Obama in his re-election but I support Pres Trump 150%, and like many others I am a lawyer and former military officer but I suppose you left wing creeps will not listen until the sky starts falling,………………ON YOU……

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
6 years ago

When liberals do it, it is not illegal.

that is how liberals see things.