Crazy Left Is Trying to Destroy New Right-Center Media Network


Sinclair Broadcasting is the up and coming competition for Fox News. The network is right-center in their editorial coverage. There is nothing crazy or extreme about them and their news is straight news. They recently hired the fair and balanced investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson.

War on Sinclair

The War on Fox spearheaded by David Brock has been very successful in belittling and demeaning the Fox News network. Fox is moving left in their coverage, leaving a gaping hole for another right-center network to fill.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the new, possibly competitive, Sinclair network is under fire from the left for buying up stations in some significant markets. The broadcasting outlet is awaiting government approval and ready to fill the gap.

Not wanting them to get that approval, the attack machines are out in full force on Twitter. Some of the Sinclair Twitter haters are fake accounts. They are calling Sinclair a purveyor of “extreme right propaganda”. The truth is the haters only want “extreme left propaganda”.

The British hack comic John Oliver mocked Sinclair this week. Oliver warns that Sinclair will be “Foxxing up your local news”.

Twitter had Sinclair Broadcasting trending yesterday for one reason only – so it can be blasted by the left.

Twitter’s going wild

Some of the tweets:

Sinclair Broadcast group is right wing billionaire group that bought news stations nationwide. Local newscasters will [sic] scripted to spew hate

Please help! Sinclair Broadcast Group is socialist news distributing their biased news via local news networks!

Sinclair Broadcast Group Has Deal To Buy Tribune Media’s TV Stations Prepare for more right-wing fake news in #RVA !

So what happens to KTLA if Sinclair Broadcast Group buys Tribune? Sinclair is a dangerous far-right propaganda outlet. Resist them!

Sinclair Broadcast Group is looking to be the largest Conservative media group in the Country. #dangerous #monopoly #endoftruepress

Hearing socialists call right-center people socialist is a laugh. Calling the right a monopoly when most of the media is an arm of the Democrat Party is another laugh.

The left wants Americans to think anything right is insane. They are willing to behave insanely to make that happen.

Fox News also wants Sinclair stopped because they’re potentially competitive. There is talk of O’Reilly joining Sinclair if the media outlet gets the big city market in their latest bid.

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