Crazy Leftist Linda Sarsour Says She’s White, No Black, Whatever


Linda Sarsour, the radical leftist who wears a hijab to show the world she’s an oppressed Muslim, claims that if she says she’s black, she’s black.

Paleface Linda Sarsour

I ask you, does she look black to you?

Her desire to be a victim is so overwhelming that she needed to branch out. Muslim works for her but make her a black Muslim and it screams ‘victim’.

She is similar to Elizabeth Warren who identified as Native-American based on her Pee-Paw having high cheekbones. That false claim also happened to help her get that lucrative job at Harvard though Harvard denies it. However, Harvard boasted in their school newsletter of employing a Native-American when she was hired.

To Ms. Sarsour, all identification evolves around politics. Truth is of no consequence.

Just recently, she said she was white, but skin color is fluid apparently. MLK Jr. is rolling over in his grave.

h/t Daily Wire

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