Woman Rips Confederate Flag Off Truck, Then Rams the Owner with Her Car


Ann Lee Waters was driving along when she spotted a confederate flag on the front of a man’s truck in Charleston South Carolina. She did what all deranged liberals do. She stopped her car, got out, and ripped the Confederate flag tag off the man’s truck.

When the owner of the truck ran out of a store to take down her plate number, she put the car in reverse in anger and backed into him. She later said she accidentally backed into him.

Luckily, the victim had only a minor injury to his knee. She took off and left him screaming in the parking lot of the grocery store. Fortunately, he had the license plate number and police tracked her down.

But it’s okay, she said she didn’t mean to hurt him. She probably did it for “love”. Love is the liberal thing you know.

Waters is being charged with “vandalism and leaving the scene of an accident with injuries,” News 2 reports.

Some might say it’s okay for this woman to vandalize someone else’s truck because they think the flag is racist. The left has declared the Confederate flag a racist symbol, therefore it is and all must abide.

This is what people think is okay to do now. It’s become a practice. Check out the guy in the video.


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6 years ago

Good thing for these ignorant people that we have more respect for our right to self defense than they do for free speech.