Crazy Marxists Tom Perez and Bernie Sanders Launch Their Unhinged, Profanity-Laced Tour


Socialist Bernie Sanders, a 75-year old red diaper baby, is on a cross country profanity-laced tour spouting the glories of Socialism with radical Marxist Tom Perez.

“We need to transform the Democratic Party,” Sanders said during a Tuesday rally in Kentucky. “We need to open the doors of the Democratic Party to working people and to young people.”

Working people being code for Marxism.

Sanders praised Georgia’s pajama boy Jon Ossoff who is attempting to win Newt Gingrich’s old congressional seat while living in another district.

Sanders has been rehashing his mantra of hate the rich, hate the banks, raise the minimum wage, cut the military, fund Planned Parenthood and abortion, and battle climate change.

That will help the economy? How?

The tour is called the “Come Together and Fight Back Tour.”

During the rally, Sanders called the president’s first 100 days in office “a fail”. He received cheers from the audience who were lapping up the Socialist ideas and hate-Trump blather.

Sanders received very big cheers for his stance on immigration.

“We are proud of our immigrants,” he said.

The right likes their immigrants also but want them to come here legally.

Perez says Trump doesn’t give a”f***” and Trump doesn’t give a “s***”.

Friday night, the Republican National Committee in Arizona released the following statement:

“Tonight, not-so-popular DNC Chair Tom Perez and self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders brought their unhinged, profanity-laced roadshow to Mesa,” said Chairwoman McDaniel. “This past November, Arizona voters rejected the far-left policies that Sanders and the Democrat establishment are doubling down on. The Democrats’ dysfunction has only grown during this train wreck of a tour, and to make matters worse Perez and Sanders are disturbingly quiet on whether or not they stand behind their buddies at the Arizona Democrat Party for accepting money from shady donors. It’s no wonder Americans across the country continue to repudiate Democrats at the ballot box. Voters entrusted President Trump and Republicans to move our nation forward and enact their vision to better life for all Americans. The derailing crazy train and failed liberal policies on display tonight will do nothing to change that.”

Democrats are as vulgar as they are wrong. Unhinged Elizabeth Warren doesn’t curse though most of her party members can’t speak without cursing. She only uses the word, “poop”. Classy!


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