Crazy Rep Says Impeach Trump, No Crime Needed, Trump’s Offensive


Rep Al Green, a Democrat from Texas, former race-baiting president of the Houston NAACP,  is looking to impeach the President. Like Maxine Waters, he attacks the President non-stop.

Not only does he want to impeach him without a crime, he wants blacks, particularly community leaders, to reject all invitations to the White House.

Even though he’s a lawyer, he doesn’t seem to know much about the law. During a Wednesday interview on SiriusXM Urban View’s ‘The Black Eagle’, he announced he was going to bring articles of impeachment against the President because of his “behavior” since it “impacts society negatively”.

In other words, he wants to file the charges though there is no crime. What happened to “high crimes and misdemeanors”?

Green actually said on the show, “The one thing that I hope I can get through on this call, is that impeachment does not require a crime to be committed.”

The surprised host asked, “Really, cause that’s what most people think?”

Green continued with his speech for the low-information voters: “I know, that’s what some of these constitutional scholars have been confusing people with because they’re talking about what Mr. Mueller is doing and he is investigating a crime.”

Mueller’s actually on a witch hunt. Truth is irrelevant to Mr. Green. He also sent the word out that blacks shouldn’t go to the White House.

Yesterday, he continued his hate-advocacy on the Joe Madison show. He called for “leaders in the black community” to decline any invitations to the White House, claiming the President called black people dogs.

“Calling them dogs. Every black person ought to give some consideration, if you get an invitation, as to whether you will go to the White House until he either retracts that statement or does something else to atone, because this requires atonement.”

The President’s comments weren’t race-related but the Democrats want everyone to think they were. It’s this week’s talking point.

Green continued, suggesting women were insulted as well. “This cannot go unchallenged. He has insulted the mothers of the country. These are the people who bring life to the world. I refuse to allow it to go unchallenged.”

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