Crazy-Time: Progressives Recommend No Jail for Youthful Felons, Others Want Less Discipline in Schools


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Jeffrey Reynolds

Jeffrey L. Reynolds (pictured above), president and chief executive of Family and Children’s Association in Mineola, says jailing juveniles isn’t justice. Teens do “dumb things”…”really dumb things” that “threaten public safety” and damage “lives of others” but jail isn’t the place for them.

Teens are being jailed with adults and more than 80% are black and Latino. “Only New York and North Carolina prosecute all youth over the age of 15 as adults,” he said.

Dr. Reynolds appears to be a caring man and certainly, for some youth, this is a good idea but a one-size-fits-all solution never works.

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, acting on the recommendations of New York’s Commission on Youth, Public Safety and Justice, proposes to change all that by raising the age to qualify as an adult criminal from 16 to 18. These young criminals will be jailed in a separate youth facility.

Dr. Reynolds might not be aware of the serious adult crimes that take place in juvie.

It will cost $135 million to start.

Currently, the DA has the discretion as to whether or not to try a youth as an adult. It’s not clear if they will have any discretion based on the dictate of Gov. Cuomo.

There are many youth under 18, especially gang members, who rob, rape and murder. They belong in an adult prison but not according to the Progressives who are reforming our justice and prison system and attacking our police, not to suggest that Dr. Reynolds is doing that.

Reynolds contends that while “rape and murder” are “more than youthful indiscretions”, that’s more the reason to treat them differently.  They don’t really understand – their brains aren’t fully formed. He appears to believe that.

Two of the vicious criminals in the photos below are brutal robbers, assaulters, and rapists and they are under 18 years. They brutally raped a 16-year old child last week and beat and robbed her male friend.

two are 17

More kids:

more youth

Their brains aren’t fully formed, Mr. Reynolds contends but didn’t we all know by age 15 that we shouldn’t rape or kill people? Yes, but they can also be reformed – their brains are supple.

Progressives also want to be certain these felons will be able to get a job later on.

For the leftist, reforming criminals is far more important than protecting the innocent.

The Progressives are making their mark in school discipline as well.

Elem teacher

In St. Pauls School, the Progressives are training staff in the racist “white privilege” at a cost of millions of dollars while not allowing staff to discipline students properly. The disciplinary changes have caused chaos throughout the schools.

Source: Newsday and eag News


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