Crazy! Wassermann-Schultz’s IT Tech Is Still Liquidating Assets


Journalist Luke Rosiak, who has done an amazing job of reporting this story, has another exclusive at The Daily Caller in case you missed it. Debbie Wassermann-Schultz’s IT tech is still liquidating assets here in the United States.

He possibly defrauded a bank out of more than a quarter million dollars, not chump change, but he might be able to get all his funds out of the country just the same.

Imran Awan was arrested for bank fraud and on the day of his arrest, he was “frantically” liquidating U.S. real estate holdings. The funds can be sent to Pakistan.

Prosecutors have filed paperwork saying they fear “the dissipation of the proceeds of the fraud and destruction of evidence in other locations.”

Since November of last year, Imran and his wife sold about $2 million worth of personal real estate.

Home sales could be a vehicle to continue moving large amounts of money to Pakistan even after Imran’s arrest. Authorities released him with a GPS monitor and confiscated his passport, Rosiak reported.

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