“Credible” Blasey-Ford Works at a Stronghold of Radical Feminism


The incredible Ms. Blasey Ford will be rewarded throughout her life for lodging a specious allegation against Justice Kavanaugh. Her GoFundMe pages are nearing a million dollars.

She will soon be presented with an alumna award for making an “Outstanding Contribution to Humanity“.  She even has a little conference room in her named after her, thanks to some New York City feminazis. The media continues to sing her praises as they demean the Justice.

Mrs. Ford is universally described as courageous and credible for lodging an allegation with no evidence and few recollections beyond her having one beer and him groping her.

BBC reported on Wednesday that women from the United States, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, and even Australia have been mailing cards to Ford’s publicly-available work address, as she has reportedly been unable to return to her home due to “unending” death threats. [Hmm…is it true?]

The postcards were sent because Anita Hill said the mail she received meant so much to her.

If you haven’t heard Janice Fiamengo at the University of Ottawa, you might find this clip fascinating. The professor is opposed to feminism. In this video, she takes on Mrs. Ford’s university — Palo Alto U.

She breaks down the hard-left faculty and and curricula.  It’s a elitist stronghold of radical feminism.

As we have reported, she described most of what Ford said as a “tearful blank” and basically destroys her performance at the hearing.


  1. I’ve been in the medical profession for many, many years. Ms. Ford’s demeanor during her testimony leads me to believe that she was under the influence of one or more psychotropic agents. Putting it mildly she is in need of professional assistance, NOT her current providers. I think the notes from her quote “therapist” would be revealing which is exactly why No one will ever see them.

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