Credible Julie Swetnick Lied About Job/Salary with a Payout as a Reward – Allegedly


The media and Democrats, one and the same, are very upset that the President has omitted Julie Swetnick from the FBI probe because she is deemed “not credible”. She isn’t credible. Not only is her story preposterous, but she has a very checkered history. The AP covered another story about her that exposes her character and reliability.

Swetnick has a number of shortcomings, including her extensive lawsuits and a sexual harassment complaint against her. She has been involved in six legal cases over the past 25 years. Something new just popped up from her past.

An ex-employer accuses her of falsifying her college and work history on her job application. It looks like she did it to get a payout.

As a plaintiff in a 1994 lawsuit, Swetnick filed a personal injury lawsuit in Maryland against the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority. She said she lost more than $420,000 in earnings after she hurt her nose in a fall on a train in 1992.

She had to invent a high-paying job and did. She said she was a model and actor and because of an injury, she missed opportunities. Swetnick named “Konam Studios” and identified Nam Ko, a representative for the company, to back up her claim.

Ko reportedly told AP on Friday that he was a friend of Swetnick’s,  but he had never owned that company and had never agreed to pay Swetnick.

“I didn’t have any money back then. I (was) broke as can be,” Ko said.

Ko said he has a hazy memory of Swetnick asking to use him as a “character reference” but doesn’t recall hearing about her lawsuit.

“I thought it was for a job application,” he said.

Court records show Swetnick’s lawsuit against the transit agency was dismissed in 1997 after a settlement was reached. Vincent Jankoski, one of the lawyers who defended the agency, said the case was resolved without paying Swetnick any money after she failed to provide documentation supporting her lost-wage claims, the AP reported.


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3 years ago

Communism, and ideology in general, is founded on “organized and systematic lying,” which differs from “ordinary falsehood,” Professor Flagg Taylor of Skidmore College argues, referencing French historian and philosopher Alain Besançon, in that the “ordinary falsehood” “stays in touch with the truth and knowingly distorts the truth,” whereas the “ideological lie, by contrast…seeks to impose a pseudo-reality upon reality. It does not depart from reality so much as [it] completely ignores reality and…it seeks to disrupt our normal access to reality.”

The pseudo-reality “acquires a very peculiar but real strength,” Taylor said, quoting the late Czech statesman Václav Havel. “It becomes reality itself, albeit a reality altogether self-contained, one that on certain levels may have greater weight than reality as such. Reality does not shape theory, but rather the reverse.”

It can appear that “theory itself…ideology itself, makes the decisions that affect people, not the other way around,” the Skidmore professor said. “And so in this precise sense, totalitarian regimes, ideocracies, are inhuman” and impenetrable.

herbert r richmond
3 years ago

A professional manipulator, hungry to use get rich schemes by false claims of personal injury, same as the other women the Left is using as victims of the Judge.