Credible Mrs. Blasey Ford Wasn’t Honest About Her Qualifications


The Editor-in-Chief of the website Dangerous, journalist Chadwick Moore, conducted a search of Christine Blasey Ford’s credentials and found the credible Mrs. Ford does not appear to be a licensed psychologist as she indicated.

Her Ph.D. from the University of Southern California is in Educational Psychology. Educational psychology allows people to become school psychologists who conduct tests and evaluate results.

These degrees do not permit the recipient to practice as a psychologist or call him/herself a psychologist.

Under the law in California and elsewhere, one cannot call oneself a psychologist unless the person is licensed.

Mr. Moore went through the state-run database of all licensed psychologists in California and did not find her name or any variation of the name for past or present certifications. He also checked other states.

We also looked through teaching and other educational licensing board databases and couldn’t find her name there either.

She appears to be licensed in nothing.

Stanford also changed her profile to accommodate the truth. The credible Miss Blasey has been calling herself a psychologist and that is against the law.

This is how her profile looked. She was listed as a research psychologist.

This is how it looks now. She’s an affiliate.

Psychology is a pseudo-science, like sociology. It’s not science, it’s educated guesswork and counseling.

She is no scientist and not even a psychologist it seems.


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  1. For the life of me do I find this the least bit surprising as her [word edited out] attorney never in her wildest sexual wet dreams though her client’s professional status would be exposed immediately…Before she finished her opening statement Stanford and Palo Alto Universities changed their website pages with Ford’s biography to say her title was “Research Psychologist” as she made both of them as culpable of lying as Ms. Ford who has no license in California to say she is a “Psychologist” which required 3,000 hours of post-graduate studies and two rigorous tests…its like a graduating law student claiming to be an attorney before they ever take the Bar Exam…she needs to be fired from her teaching job for lying…this is the behavior of a very deceptive woman who has made several appalling lies under oath including that in 2012 she convinced her husband to build a second front door on their home for “safety concerns” a door that led to couples therapy in which the therapist said “Kavanaugh’s name was never mentioned in her notes.” Then the hideous lie was exposed by the Maryland Building Permits Department who said the door was permitted and added in 2008. By claiming to flee in terror from this alleged party without telling the only other female in the house with a total disregard of her friend’s safety with “two drunken sexual perpetrators” would imply she didn’t give a Rat’s Ass about her good friend. Then we are also left with the amnesia of Ford not knowing how she got to that alleged party, its location, the date or how she got home…A good lawyer would certainly consider the driver a material witness regardless of her fake amnesia of all of the events. NOW WE DISCOVER FORD’S MARCH 17 FACEBOOK POST…”Someone needs to come forward and accuse Neil Gorsuch of rape to derail his SCOTUS nomination. She further posted that such accusations should continue until Trump nominates Merrick Garland”…BINGO! …..DO MY READERS FEEL [word edited out] AND DECEIVED YET?

  2. I do not believe this woman at all. She is a paid attack dog. As an investigation was so adamently demanded by slimey Dems, the FBI should research who paid for her laywers, her lie detector test, any monitary gain she recently received, and fully expect a trail straight to Soros.

  3. Also interesting, that even with all her “mental health” connections, Ms. Ford managed to pick a psychologist who didn’t properly record some of the most critical pieces of her trauma. That according to the credible Ms. Ford.

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