Jeff Flake Lectures Republicans to Be “More Accepting of Reality”


The ever-more unpopular Republican senator from Arizona, Jeff Flake, has a new Democratic principle he is lecturing Republicans about. “Republicans as a party need to be more accepting of reality. Climate change is real, and it is happening.”

What is also reality, which Flake should accept, is that he is a failure and no one cares what he thinks.

The climate is always changing but what is that dope going to do about it? All the Paris Accord accomplished was the redistribution of U.S. wealth and resources for a possible reduction in global temperature of 1/10th of 1 percent in 100 years.

What a deal! And that was put together by people a lot smarter than he is.

The science is based on short-term statistics and unreliable computer predictions. When the predictions don’t work out, the great minds change the predictions.

Many in the climate movement want to use this wealth redistribution to destroy Capitalism — they have acknowledged this.

We can all agree we need to stop polluting to whatever degree possible but we can’t control the climate the way leftists like Flake want to. What is actually real is that Flake is a Democrat and he will soon be gone. Unfortunately, cable left-wing news will rush to hire him. Heck, he still might run for president with that following of 14 percent of Arizonans.

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