Creepy Kaine Tells Democrats to “Take to the Streets”


We have Tim Kaine calling for protests/riots and Sarah Silverman is calling for a coup.

Morning Joe interviewed the former vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine a couple days ago. After they engaged in inaccurate gossip they gathered about the airport protests,  Kaine said on air that Democrats should “take to the streets”.

A former Vice Presidential candidate called for Democrats to “take to the streets”. This isn’t acceptable.

He is a Marxist after all. I suppose we should have expected that.

They certainly took to the streets last night.

The hardcore leftist members of the Democrat Party will take to the streets every day from now until the next election. They will pretend the violence is Trump’s fault. Our enemies will take advantage and commit acts of violence or terror and blame Trump. The left will gladly agree with our enemies.

We saw that with Iran. For the last two days they’ve been accelerating and promising to do more. They just sent suicide bombers after one of our ships.

Sarah Silverman is publicly calling for a coup. This is sedition. These arrogant narcissists think they can say anything. The Democrats are out of control, especially Hollywood types.

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