Creepy Orwellian Vision of a Future Surveillance State


Smart Agenda 21 Cities are being built in the collectivist Middle East and in Korea as we speak, but when does smart become intrusive and Orwellian?

BBC believes that 75% of the world’s population will live in cities by 2050 and they have posted recent articles about the smart cities of the future which technology will make possible. Many of the ideas are good but the problem lies in the collectivist framework.

Some would have us believe that to make cities of the future smarter and greener,  we need to look at social engineering through the smart cities vision. Smart cities are socially-engineered self-sufficient, self-contained metal fortresses where privacy is a thing of the past.

City of 2050 Photo of BBC’s futuristic city. We can all live in an inner tube with a handful of trees to bring the beauty of nature into our world. Check out more here.

BBC says everything and everyone will be on the grid. Everyone and every facility – homes, businesses – everything will be connected to a sensor network thanks to fiber optics.  They might even be able to build a control centre that will make predictions about where crimes might be committed. Here comes the Thought Police.

We know from the NSA leaks that the US government can now store 75% of all US citizens’ Internet communications. They have only just begun.

The goal of these smart cities is to have this flow of information continually available through smart networks. What could possibly go wrong?

The cities will be zero-carbon, zero-waste, and car-free. Everyone will depend on public transportation.  Everything will be green and sustainable, though you won’t see much of the ‘green’ from your walled cubicles.

There are several such cities being built with help from the USA. One is Songdo, a Smart City in Korea.

In Songdo, they want everyone on the grid. There is talk of people, garbage, and cars being chipped. Children will wear bracelets connected to the grid. Cameras and recorders will be everywhere. Schools will be administered under the Ministry of Knowledge Economy. Every device will be able to watch you as you watch them. Businesses will have to join the network to conduct affordable business because the network will control the resources. (Smart Data Collective)

Far-left environmental groups are behind this because they want most people living in cities and animals living with nature. They want us all on the grid – controlled, and with smaller population growth.

Check out what the surveillance state could actually look like via TruthStream Media:


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