Crime Family Member Loretta Lynch Says “Attacks” on DoJ Are “Painful”


Loretta Lynch, who met secretly with Bill Clinton on the tarmac during the Clinton probe, described the attacks on the Justice Department as “painful” and “troubling”. Crime families always feel like that.

This is the same leftist woman who said out loud that the Obama revolution is “hard”, some have “marched”, some have “bled” and “yes, some have died”. She is responsible for the mess during the Clinton investigation. She did it to protect a guilty Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and the leftist movement.

Lynch Deflects

Lynch, lying to NBC News’ Lester Holt, pretended the “attacks” are against the tens of thousands of people who work for the Justice Department, saying it is “troubling when people question the motivations of dedicated, committed professionals.”

“I look at the department as a place that I was proud to lead,” said Lynch, an Obama administration appointee. “So watching the attacks on it is painful at times.”

That’s a flat-out lie. Absolutely no one is attacking the tens of thousands of good people who keep us safe. The investigations – not attacks – affect a small number of corrupt officials at the top.

Lynch also addressed her chance encounter with former President Bill Clinton in June 2016. She reiterated that the discussions on her plane on a tarmac in Phoenix was purely social, saying the two “talked about innocuous things.”

That could be true, but, if so, why is the documentation on the meeting kept hidden from FOIA?

Lynch again insisted she and the former president did not talk about Hillary Clinton, the subject of a Justice Department review over her use of a private email server, or any other criminal investigations.

Instead, Lynch said Bill Clinton told a “long but charming story” about grandchildren. The two also chatted about “issues of the day,” such as Brexit.

I ask you, why would Bill Clinton call for this exchange days before his wife was exonerated? Something smells in Denmark.

The True Story of Loretta Lynch’s Mess

Lynch is the obstructionist. She should be prosecuted.

After the tarmac meeting, Lynch said publicly that she would accept her team’s recommendation of charges against Hillary. But the former FBI Director already testified to seeing the writing on the wall and that’s partly why he decided to exonerate the very guilty Hillary.

James Comey was even troubled by her telling him to call the Clinton email probe a “matter”. Although he did do what she asked, it gave him a “queasy feeling”. But he got the message.

By ordering Comey to use the word “matter”, it ensured that law enforcement agencies would be aligned when discussing the story — if there is no investigation, there is no prosecution.

Obama also made it clear Hillary was to be exonerated and said publicly, she was merely “extremely careless.” Those are the words used in the final draft of her exoneration. Much of what went on was also to protect Barack Obama who was complicit in the scandal.



    • Yes she is actually afraid for herself and the other insiders, not the DOJ employees in general. Her meeting at the airport was incredibly unethical. Any reasonable person knows that. It cannot be undone. Nothing can be said to erase her guilt. Did Paul Ryan allow a single hearing on that meeting?

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