Obama’s Socialist Housing Projects Coming to a Neighborhood Near You


If the left has their way, Socialist, crime-ridden housing projects will end up in every neighborhood in the nation. Blocks of them!

The social engineers are pushing for low-income housing in rich and middle class neighborhoods. We are not simply talking about apartments. They want large projects, taking up blocks. The only people standing in their way are President Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson.

The movement begun by Barack Obama continues to gain steam on the left. The NY Times had a hit piece out about it this week. According to them, anyone who doesn’t think it’s a good idea is a racist.

Former Missouri state Representative Don Calloway went on with Tucker Carlson Monday to argue for redistribution of public housing in America.

Barack Obama began this movement for racial and economic justice in 2013, attacking neighborhoods that didn’t have a certain number of poor and minorities. They weren’t “inclusive” he claimed.

While integration is a good thing, social engineering with blocks of gang-attracting projects is not.

Massive databases

Out of Obama’s 2013 movement came the Furthering Fair Housing Act and the mapping project.

HUD mapped every neighborhood in the country. At the same time, the administration established massive databases of Americans by race, class, and income. The goal of all this is to eventually force people to live according to the government ideal of what a neighborhood should look like.

In 2015, the New York Post reported that Obama’s pencil pushers were mining data on Americans’ health, home loans, credit cards, places of work, neighborhoods, school discipline, you name it — all to document “inequalities” between minorities and whites.

There is a lot of planning to this database madness. These databases can be used to further the socialist cause by classifying every white as “racist.” But blacks, gays and immigrants including illegal, are classified as “protected”. The government can then use the rights the government has given itself – without any push back from Congress or the Judiciary – to implement even more of their agenda.

These databases could be used to affect every aspect of American life. The federal government can claim that they are necessary because of the inequality of social, racial and economic justice.

The left wants blocks of poor housing projects in every neighborhood as well as a quota of poor in every building complex. The reason can’t be because housing projects are so successful because they clearly are not.

Where will the blacks and Hispanics who live near me go? They moved into my area to get away from those very projects.

This is Totalitarianism

The leftist Democratic Party today is no longer liberal. These people want to tell you what to eat, drink, smoke, wear, what to watch on the news. And they want to tell you where to live.

The housing movement is a nationalization of the housing sector with housing projects known for crime put into every neighborhood. But this is where people move to get away from exactly that.

It’s part of the war on suburbia. It’s no secret that suburbs are predominately Republican. A betting man might say this is part of the method to their madness.

The Marxist Democrats have been looking at neighborhoods in terms of ‘disparate impact’. In other words, if the elites feel the end result does not have the appropriate percentage of minorities, they will move in blocks of poor housing units.

‘Disparate impact’ is a social justice concept. In United States anti-discrimination law, the theory of disparate impact holds that practices in employment, housing, or other areas may be considered discriminatory and illegal if they have a disproportionate “adverse impact” on persons in a protected class.

The theory is now being applied in such a way as to mete out unequal justice. If there aren’t enough people in one of their classes in your neighborhood, they will move them in or steal your resources for the poor neighborhoods. It will change the voting patterns that got Trump elected.

The Democrat housing ideal is an unrealistic utopian idea of what every community, every school, every aspect of life should resemble. And you will like it or be called a racist, homophobe, Islamophobe and whatever other -phobe they can think of! It’s a hate crime against anyone not in their protected class of voters.

The truth is that people should be free to live where they want and with whom they want. The Democrats have something else in mind.


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