Criminal Illegal Alien Slaughters Innocent Woman in Sanctuary City


A California woman named Bambi Larson, 59 years of age, was brutally murdered by an illegal immigrant with a long, violent criminal history who stalked her. He is a self-admitted gang member.

Especially horrible is the fact that ICE wanted to take Carlos Eduardo Arevalo Carranza, an animal, into custody, but Santa Jose–a sanctuary city in Sanctuary State California – would not let them.

As a consequence, a beloved, hard-working 59-year-old woman is dead, and her grieving son is without a mother.

Carranza, 24, was arrested on March 11 for the murder of 59-year-old Bambi Larson. Police say the illegal immigrant who stalked Larson before stabbing her to death had an extensive, violent criminal history.

Carranza was deported in 2013 after being detained at the Texas southern border by the Department of Homeland Security. He returned easily and came through our border without walls.

He was arrested in 2014, 2015, 2016 twice, 2017, 2018 four times, 2019 and is on probation.

Carranza has been arrested numerous times for battery, burglary, assault, attacking a police officer, and drug possession.

Amazingly, ICE placed six detainers on Carlos Eduardo Arevalo Carranza. But he was never deported because he was living in San Jose–a “sanctuary city” in California, the nation’s first Sanctuary State.


While the spokesman wants to keep illegal aliens in the country, he made a strong stand against the immorality of keeping illegal alien criminals protected.

Bambi was beloved:

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4 years ago

Another sanctuary city subhuman commits murder, and the Dems allow it by not doing anything to protect Americans.

Build the wall! MAGA.

4 years ago

This is an example of the evil corruption in California’s sanctuary cities and other ones throughout the country. Antichrist is at the door.

Claudia L. Dickerman
Claudia L. Dickerman
4 years ago

this is the new normal