CRISIS at the Border! Mexico Sends an Alarming Warning


About 3,000 Central American migrants have reached the Mexican border across from California and thousands more are anticipated. The mayor of Tijuana warned on Friday that the city was preparing for an influx that will last at least SIX MONTHS and may have no end in sight, the AP reported.

Juan Manuel Gastelum said there were 2,750 migrants from the caravan in Tijuana and that estimates by Mexico’s federal government indicate the number could approach 10,000. Common sense tells us it will be many, many more than 10,000.

“No city in the world is prepared to receive this — if I’m allowed — this avalanche,” he said during a news conference at City Hall. “It is a tsunami. There is concern among all citizens of Tijuana.”

About 50,000 illegals a month are now caught at the U.S.-Mexico border and an unknown number of others get through. This has been going on for years.

Central American cities are going to empty out. Be prepared. We’re looking at a dismal future if this isn’t stopped.

The AP also reported migrants rushing the border won’t see armed soldiers. Instead, they will be greeted by cranes installing towering panels of metal bars and troops wrapping concertina wire around barriers while military helicopters fly overhead, carrying border patrol agents to and from locations along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Who would rather see armed military?

This is a crisis, it’s insane, and it’s suicidal. Expect it to ruin the USA if they get through and it continues for six months and longer. The malfeasance of our politicians is sickening as is that of the media who call this “imaginary”.

As you consider all these incoming, look at what this illegal in the video did to one of our Arkansas cops. It’s disgusting. This is what unvetted migrants bring.



    • Pretty well restricted to Democrats and RHINO’s vis a vis the “power” seeking…they have already subverted the “judiciary” – illegal is no longer illegal according to the likes of Petosi et al and the corrupt mainstream fake media – rightfully dubbed “the enemy of the people”…

  1. Mexico deserves this, they allowed it to happen. There will be many more than 10,000. If Trump lets them in he is done, that seems very unlikely. If some judge rules let them in, and Trump, does, he is through.

  2. The rinos could have passed laws when we had three branches. Then they wonder why they lost the house? If they get through be prepared to lose all three branches. Venezuela here we come.

    • Oh, I hope not. tent jail in the desert with Joe Arprio in charge of it to help build the wall instead of picking up trash along the roads.

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