Critical Information About the Origins of the Russia Probe Revealed


The Hill editor John Solomon told Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures that Joseph Mifsud was a spy for Western intelligence, not Russian, as the Mueller report indicates.

Joseph Mifsud

Solomon received this information from Mifsud’s attorneys. Congress and U.S. attorney John Durham have reached out to the Mifsud attorneys to get the tapes and other evidence they have in their possession concerning the timeline and the origins of the probe.


Mifsud was directed to connect George Papadopoulos to Russia. Mifsud told him about Russia and the Clinton emails. That is what his attorneys are saying according to Solomon. In other words, this entire investigation was manufactured from the beginning.

Investigative reporter Solomon believes the Attorney General was referencing this when he said he believed there was “political surveillance going on.”

Solomon interviewed Mifsud’s attorney Stefan Rowe who gave him the information along with deposition evidence for him and Congress.

“Well, I interviewed Mr. Mifsud’s lawyer the other day, Stefan Rowe, and he told me and also provided me some deposition evidence to both Congress and myself that his client was being directed and long worked with Western intelligence,” Solomon said. “And he was being directed specifically, he was asked to connect George Papadopoulos to Russia, meaning it was an operation, some form of an intelligence operation. That was the lawyer’s own words for this. If that’s the case that means the flash point the started the whole investigation was in fact manufactured from the beginning.”

To recap, all this means the Mueller report contains lies about Mifsud, Papadopoulos was set up to meet with Mifsud, and the entire investigation was manufactured from the beginning. Solomon says look to the CIA (Brennan) next for the key operative.

Let’s not forget that the man who gave George Papadopoulos $10,000 might have been a CIA asset.

It is also believed that exculpatory evidence which would have exonerated George Papadopoulos was withheld.

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